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America’s Invasion – Robert Holm

America’s Invasion

April 20, 2020 5:25 PM
Robert Holm

I had this dream June 2nd 2019.

I was somewhere in a large room with some people watching a news channel (FOX I believe) when all of a sudden there was an explosion in the tv background and the channel went blank.

I tried some other channels and they were blackout too. I then realize there was a nuclear explosion in NYC. Immediately following the one in NYC there was one in Miami then, Chicago then California (maybe L.A).

Then I found myself in a makeshift hospital on the sidewalks and in the streets while overhead were Chinese planes and helicopters flying overhead and Chinese troops on the ground and parachuting from the planes. Our U.S soldiers were unable to defend America.

End of dream.

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  1. Wow! Watchwoman just dreamed of a nuclear bomb too. Heres her video:

    God bless

  2. Em visão:
    Vi o presidente da América a comer um rebuçado sentado na sua secretária presidencial e a atirar o papel para cima do mapa da América, o mapa pegou fogo. Então fui transportada para as vossas cidades e vi tudo a arder, cheio de fumo e as pessoas a correrem de um lado para o outro.


    I’ve got a stalker who may be messing with my comments!

  4. Michael Stephani

    I had several night visions of war here in America. In one of these, I saw chinese soldiers coming up the mountain I live on like ants (there were too many to count) In another one I saw Russian paratroopers dropping from all kinds of makeshift aircraft and we had no defenses. It was like something really bad had happened here in America that rendered us unable to fight to defend ourselves and they just all attacked us at our weakest point.

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