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August 10th 2018

The time is coming. It approaches.
The destruction of America will begin in the Fall. The fall begins in the Fall. Remember I told you this.
And today I will make one more thing clear to you.
I speak of this Fall.
There will be no more Falls, as in no more Autumn days. This is the last beautiful Fall, with all of the colors for America. Her days are numbered. No one will notice the seasons after this Fall.
War, destruction will take its toll upon this nation. Natural disasters also. A great increase.
They have only seen the beginning of this with the Californian fires and flooding events. Earthquakes are yet to come. Yellowstone is brewing. All have seen how volatile this place is. Denver will burn. The elite will have their underground refuges, but the city above will not survive.

I received the above word yesterday, 9th August. And today the Lord rebuked me for not believing I had heard correctly from Him. I am aware that Fall is a favourite season for many Americans. It is very beautiful with all the changing colors. So I did not want to bring this word at this time. It is not the first time He has told me that the fall will be in the Fall. He has told others also. But it is the first time the Lord has said, THIS Fall.
I have never been to Yellowstone and know very little about it, Likewise Denver. I am Australian. But I do not find it strange that the Lord would speak to me about these places, because He told me some years ago that America would fall and be no more, as it is written in Revelation chapter 18. He has since given me a heart for this place and people and put me in direct contact with many Americans.

Please pray about this, as with all you hear and ask the Lord to speak directly into your own hearts concerning this.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in the day of trouble.

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