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American Dream? – Ruth Johnson

American Dream?

Oct 30, 2019, 12:08 PM
Ruth Johnson


This is what we’ve fallen for,
The American dream,
Most things plastic,
Not what they seem.
Folks fall in love
With the American dream
Travel from afar
Through conditions extreme.

Dream, dream, dream
Of America,
Not a dream, dream, dream
Sent by Me,
Skyscrapers, stock markets,
Taxes and flood insurance,
Mortgages, smorgasbords
Stoke the economic furnace.

Be sure to buy a car
To be stuck out on a highway,
Loan payments, gas and tires,
Instead of driving My way.

Live in a house
Not built by your hands
On a foundation
Of shifting sands.

Go to a church
Not worshipping Me,
Only the things
They can see.

Head to the store
To buy some good food,
You will not find it
In your neighborhood.

The Garden of Eden
Awaits somewhere else
With trees full of fruit
You can’t pick off shelves.

Look all around
But never look up,
Or just look down
At your phone.

Catch a fast train
But never look out
At scenery streaming past,
Rivers and mountains,
Forests and sky,
Things that may not last.

Look at your phone,
Facebook and Twitter,
Made up faces streaming past.
That is real? Is that what you think?
Alas, alas, alas.

Your mighty cities,
Strongholds and forts,
Skyscrapers, interstates,
Utilities of all sorts,
Bridges, dams, airports, web cams,
Are they mighty enough to hold?
Hold back the torrent
Of mud and debris
I Am prepared to let go?

Waves in the ocean
Will break their restraints
And flow freely across the land.
Not only that, they will be taller
Than anything built by man.

Do you now understand?

I did not mention the fireballs,
Although I warned in Genesis.
Read what happened to
Sodom and Gomorrah,
A clue, they no longer exist.

The American Dream
Is no longer what it seems,
It is wearing a mask
And riding on its past,
And whatever laws it deems,
Corrupted and divisive,
Abusive and neglectful,
Of blood her cup is full.

The whore of Babylon
Straddles the beast,
The one that was
And then comes back.
She hates all men,
Women also,
Wants them to worship
The Baphomet,
Set their children
On his lap.
Many have in Hollywood
Sold their souls for fame,
Danced and sang for Satan,
Fornicated, made movies
To teach the rest to do the same.
They drink the blood of babies
To keep themselves looking fit.

Believe you Me,
If you believe nothing else,
They will not get away with it.

America, you are Babylon,
You only call yourself great,
Luxuries, riches, fancy cars,
Are the portion you already ate.

I AM the one who will starve you,
Bring your cities down,
I AM a God of vengeance,
And I AM coming to town.

Close your doors,
Get on your knees,
A great darkness
Will accompany Me.

Your father of lies
Is being released
To go collect
His souls in lease.

Are you prepared
For the lake of fire?
The one that burns perpetually?
The beasts, the whore,
Satan himself,
Your company for eternity?

Or is your name written
In My Book of Life?
Are you, perhaps,
One of My Son’s wives?
Or are you destined
To live in flames
While all in Paradise
Forget your names?

The choice is yours,
But the time is now,
Seconds are ticking,
Not minutes or hours.

The American Dream
Will be just that,
Swept away in My stream
With the beast where she sat.

Your Statue of Liberty?
In reality Ishtar?
Will be toppled
And dropped in the sea,
Freed from her moorings
To hide her face
From the likes of Me.

The American Dream
A nightmare will be
For all who do not
Worship Me.

What do you want?
Fame? Fortune? A mansion?
Or never ending life
In Paradise
With Me?




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