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America, You Await My Command to the Executioner!


I had have had a recurring vision over the past 5 days. At first I was not sure if it was from the Lord but after I began to receive more, it was confirmed to me that it was from Him.

I saw a man that was completely stoned, drunk and high. He was stumbling and staggering around, he even fell down. He was in a courtroom “standing” before the judge.

The judge was very angry and asked “Where is your defense attorney?”

Man:”Why what did I do?” as he was weaving back and forth.

Judge:”Where is your counsel? Do you intend to defend yourself?”

Man:”Gee whiz there judgypoo! Why so serious?”

Judge:”Yes I am serious! You have broken every law ever made by me. Do you not think that you will be punished?”

Man:”Well… huh…, I thought you might just let me slide, I mean I thought we were tight, you and me. I know what you said but… C’mon man!”

Judge: “You are now in contempt of court! (To the bailiff) Take this man out of MY SIGHT! You have ignored all of my warnings and have not changed your ways in the least. You come before me intoxicated, with no respect and with no advocate to plead your case. You knew what the laws were and you have blatantly broken them in defiance to everything I stand for. If it were not for your forefathers, which I knew personally, I would have punished you years ago. You have left me no choice… You will be punished to the full extent of the law, all of your possessions shall be taken away, you shall be put to death and burned!”

Man:”Yeah, Ok, Whatever…Can I go to my cell now? You’re a big downer judge…You need to lighten up!”

The bailiff then took the defiant, stumbling man to his holding cell where he was to await his execution. A visitor came to see the man and he was very sharply dressed, in all black. This man comes bearing many gifts for the man and the man is very appreciative, especially for the alcohol and opiates. The man asks” Dude! How’d get these in here?! Thanks a lot!” The visitor replies,”Oh, I have my ways, I’ll be back when you need more. You can count on me, I’m not like that old-fashioned, high-and-mighty judge. Don’t you even worry about his judgments against you. He has a judgment out against me too and look at me, Never Better! Just relax and don’t think about a thing! Look I also have some cigarettes, a TV, a smart phone, earphones, and a blindfold to block out all of the light so you can sleep even during the daytime.”

Man:”Wow! You are such an awesome friend what do I need to give you for all this?”

Visitor:”Don’t worry about that right now, there’s a price to pay but you can pay later.”

“COOL! Thanks!”, said the man as he turned around to thank the visitor but he was gone. Then the man shrugged and began enjoying all the things that the visitor had brought him.

Sometime later, a different visitor appeared in the man’s cell. He was sent by the judge, it was his son, and he agreed to represent and defend the man before the judge. All the man had to do was agree to stop doing his evil deeds against the judge’s laws and agree that the defender represent him. But the man was fast asleep with his blindfold on and loud music was playing his earphones from the smartphone he had been given. The second visitor tried to wake the man but he was out cold. Every attempt, even shaking, did not work so the second visitor left.

After a seemingly long period of time had gone by, the date of execution had finally arrived. The guards came to get the man from his cell. He of course was totally oblivious that this was the appointed day of his demise.

Man to the guards:”Where are you taking me?”

Guard:”To the guillotine, your time of execution has come.”

Man:”OK, but may I take all my stuff with me as my last request?”

Guard:”Yes, no problem”

So the guards walked the man down to the guillotine bound hand and foot with chains, a can of beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, earphones playing loud music and a blindfold over his eyes. The guards laid the man down and put his head in the restraint. Then the man said “That was a long walk, think I’ll take a nap now.”, so the man dozed off.

Then the two visitors both appeared before the man. The first one was laughing hysterically at the man and said, “The time has come to pay! You were a fool to listen to me! HA!HA!” The second visitor was in tears and said “I tried to help you but you would not listen to me, this did not have to turn out this way. WAKE UP! Cry out for mercy and forgiveness now!” The man looked up at the second visitor still blindfolded with music playing loudly and he said “What did you say? You’ll have to talk louder!I couldn’t hear a word you said!”

Vision over…

The interpretation of this dream is very simple.

The man = America as a nation

The judge = God the Father

The first visitor = Satan

The second visitor = Jesus


Word of the Lord

America, your death sentence has been pronounced but you don’t even care! You are so preoccupied with all of your drunkenness, wealth, possessions and creature comforts that you don’t even hear or see what is right in front of you. I have offered you mercy and grace but you have rejected Me and My redemptive plan. You treat Me with no dignity or respect, many of you do not even acknowledge that I exist anymore. You follow your own wicked hearts and your best friend, Satan. He knows just the things to give to you so that you ignore Me. America, I gave you your Saul, the man you desired and now you should see his lies are almost as bad as the one who was and will return but you are so blinded and deafened that most of you do not.

America, you once followed Me, you were never perfect but I was the God of this country and I have blessed you more than any other country. You have been the the earthly guardian of Israel but now you scheme on how to divide her and My city Jerusalem. You will also be divided and everything that you have will be taken from you. You will be beheaded and everything you now see will be burned. It is written and it shall come to pass.

Will you repent then? I tell you most of America will die but a remnant shall survive and many shall come to Me because of My judgments, many more than the number that are turning to Me now.

America, your head is on the chopping block! America, you await My command to the executioner! Will you ignore Me again or will you cry out to Me? I tell you these warnings are ending! The time to save America as a nation has passed but I am still calling the people of America to come into My open arms and receive My eternal love and forgiveness.

America, you know not the moment in which the fire of the kick-event happens. It will happen in a moment when you think not. All who dwell in the secret place of the Most High God shall be protected by My wings and I will be their fortress, shield, helper in time of need and the rock in which you can hide in and stand on.


Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach

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