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America Will Never Be Great Again – Ryan M


America Will Never Be Great Again

September 10, 2021 6:50 PM
Ryan M

Write these words down my son.

Soon soon soon , minutes from NOW there will be a new landscape for America.

Your perversions have filled Me, The Great IAM with such sadness and anger that I can NOT take it anymore. Your country has been given WARNING after WARNING. They still do not REPENT and Seek ME with their Whole Heart and Soul.

I love all my children the same and many many will be taken in the twinkling of an eye.

They didnt think Death would find them this soon…
Oh how they are so wrong in their ways.

IAM has had ENOUGH of the SIN STENCH!!

It is finished.

It is through.

To late for some, you have all eternity to ponder what you have Done..

Your lord and savior ,

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