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September 14, 2021 8:18 PM

11 September 2021

Just finished praying, seeking the Lord about the future, and was trying to get back to sleep, when the Lord started speaking to me, I quickly started writing. I said, Lord, please tell me once again. The Lord said, I AM saying, if your nation divides My nation, Israel, I will divide your nation America. I AM warning you America, have nothing to do with dividing My nation, the Apple of My Eye, if you do, great destruction will come to your country. When your nation is divided, Russia and China will be moved with evil intent and will attack America, when you are weak. I AM telling you now, pray earnestly that America minds its own business and let ME, the Great I AM take care of My own business, My country Israel. I AM fed up with America, who continues to interfere with other nations. You should take care of your own nation which has fallen away from ME, and is falling apart from within. I AM warning you, people of America, one last time to come to ME in prayer for your nation, for you are quickly heading towards your end. Your end will come with great destruction and devastation. But My people who love and believe in ME and serve ME, I will bring many of you home to be with ME and My Father. The ones who remain, who are mine, I will take care of and will protect them as they draw closer and closer to ME. The time of the end has arrived. Those who seek ME continually, I will provide places of safety for them. Come to ME now, all of you who love ME. Seek ME now with all of your heart for My Presence in your life. Then I will instruct you and lead you to safety. All must come to ME, NOW! Pray for your families and loved ones to repent and to come to ME and I will save them. The evil in your nation is at an all time high. Famine is coming, prepare now! The evil ones in America are planning the downfall of your nation. Prices of everything are quickly rising. Food will become more and more scarce. Have no fear, trust completely in ME, for I will take care of all who love and who put their trust in ME. I will never let you down! Your attention must be on ME, not the things of this world, which is quickly passing away. When you pray, listen carefully, for I will speak to you in your spirit. I will lead you in paths of safety. You must come to ME now. Some of you will stay where you are now, others I will move to your places of safety. Yes, you will provide a place of safety for others. Seek ME for instructions and prepare to move to your new place. I will make a way. Believe in ME, I AM the Way, come close to ME, listen carefully as I speak to you. Your time is now! Come to ME each day in praise and worship, and I will speak to you and lead you and instruct you. Close your mind to the things of this world, your thoughts and attention must be on ME and ME alone. Do not fear what is coming upon your nation and the world. Trust ME with your whole heart, for I AM with you. Rest in ME, I AM all you need.

Your King and Savior, Yahushua





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