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America is an Anthill – Carl

America is an Anthill

October 27, 2021 12:49 PM

October 23, 2021

I was walking around the house and suddenly the LORD shared a vision with me, in my thoughts. I saw myself kicking an anthill, (I was standing right on top of it). As I kicked it, I noticed many ants going about their business, moving through a huge network of tunnels. I sensed a LOT of activity in that anthill and spiritual darkness filled those tunnels. When I kicked it, and the dirt fell away, all the ants stopped at once. They looked up and they stood there frozen, looking directly at me. They had cartoonish eyes and they would not take their eyes away from me. I sensed that they were angry and they wanted to hurt me for exposing them. The ants were clueless on what to do and they dared not to move one inch; because they knew their movement would be an indicator suspicious activity going on. Then I realized that they could not hurt me because the Person who kicked the anthill was not actually me, it was God Himself. He is exposing them through His servants.

As this image was being shown to me, God’s Voice was narrating and explaining what I was seeing. Here is what I heard at the same time as I saw this unfold:

“AMERICA IS LIKE AN ANTHILL WHEN YOU KICK IT. YOU CAN SEE THE TUNNELS AND HIDDEN THINGS THAT GO ON. AMERICA IS LITTERED WITH THESE CHILD-KEEPING ANT TUNNELS; AND THE ANTS ARE THE EVILDOERS, SCIENTISTS, SATANISTS, RITUALIST MURDERERS, ETC. WHEY YOU KICK THE ANTHILL, ALL THE ANTS STOP IN THEY ROUTES, AND STARE AT THE ONE WHO KICKED THEIR ANTHILL. THEY ARE ALL FROZEN IN SHOCK OF BEING DISCOVERED; THEY ARE ANGRY BUT DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN THEY ARE EXPOSED. “There are so many ants, and some also represent demons and evil entities who work alongside the human culprits underground. The are/look kind of mixed. (i.e. the human scientists underground are living next to these PHYSICAL demonic creatures and see this as being completely normal).”

After I was revealed this information, I understood that the LORD was talking to me about the underground military facilities I dreamt of previously, which hide children underground all over mainland USA. I posted the dream on this website as well.

Before I finish, I want to post the link of the dream I just spoke about. I will also post a link to a video of a sister in Christ I know, which is a confirmation that there indeed are children underground and EVEN in shipping containers on USA PORTS. Here are the links:






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