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Seek Me

May 3, 2024 1:14 PM

I’m not a prophet. I don’t occupy that office. But God does speak to His children who are willing to hear Him. Usually for me that’s through dreams that require the interpretation of symbolism. But a few months ago after I was praying (I’m sorry I did not record the date, maybe January?), I did hear Him tell me to get a pen and pad of paper. I grabbed sticky notes quickly and wrote down what He said. I’m doing spring cleaning today and I came across the sticky notes and reread them, and realized this is not something just meant for me and I shouldn’t just sit on it. So here it is:

“Why do you trust in man? Is your patience enough to seek me? Drown your works of darkness. Drive out the enemy. Forsake your own destruction. Work with me to instill in you a new way. Be able to be led by my Spirit. Help describe your path to the church. Wish well their efforts and don’t be afraid but stand tall in this hour of darkness. Be light to those around you. Concern yourself with My ways and not the world’s. Earnestly pray for those that need help and comfort. Nail to the cross all your sins of passion and seek me.” – The Lord Jesus Christ

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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