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America has fallen mad – Krystal Beall


America has fallen mad

June 1, 2020
Krystal Beall

This is not the beginning of sorrows. The sorrows have been ongoing for a time. Few notice. Sin is rampant. Lawlessness abounds. The love of many. Waxed cold. What happens when I AM rejected? Does man seek me? Am I desired. I knock yet how few open the door. I AM uninvited. Nothing new under the sun. What has been shall be again. So it is.

America rejected me. You know not how late it is. What revelation is on your soil. I AM in the midst of thee America. This is the end. The last hour. What you see now unfolding is for my GLORY alone. Who do you think is allowing all this to come to pass? I have a plan. A purpose. Do you really trust me? Is there any among you with faith? I AM sore grieved. I mourn. America shall be the same. Sore grieved. Mourning.

It is fatal to reject me. Doing so has plunged the nation into great and deep darkness. Greater than before. The light of the world rejected on American soil. I hear the cross of the oppressed….afflicted and cries for justice have I answered. I AM justice. Those who process me with their lips…hearts far from me. I have sent no man for America for good. NONE. I look at the heart. Hearts are dark and sick. Stones.

Darkness reigns. When I AM rejected in a nation chaos reigns. I AM peace. I AM doing all this in America. I AM love. I AM justice. When I reveal to all my revelation many…Many shall weep as much sorrow and much joy abound. I AM sad for man. I will reap my harvest of souls in whom I suffered …she’d my blood and died on the cross for. I have up my life. So many do not know me. My face is tear stained. My light shines on without hindrance.

I have allowed America to go mad. America has been mad for some time. I AM never blind. I see all. I watch. I hear. I listen. I allow all these things to be so. I have gathered. I have sown. I shall reap. I have. I do all these things. I have turned my face from America. I have struck her head and she has fallen mad. Lovers of self. Prideful. Unholy. Unthankful. Lovers of pleasure. So it is written. So it is. I will do all I have spoken. All I promised man. I have. I AM faithful. I AM true. Man has rejected me.

There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to death. I have said…it is written…Repent. The hour is past. It is midnight. Behold I come quickly. What you did not know…I shall reveal. What was a mystery shall be no longer. What you America have done is fatal. I shall destroy you. I shall bring my GLORY. I shall resurrect. I shall do all these things. I AM. I will. I have. Forsake the world now. Turn to me.

I await you. The world …The kingdom of man is finished. Desolate and in ash. The smoke of her burning is seen. I reign. Let the earth be glad. I AM risen indeed. I live. There is good for all who love me. Who are called according to my purpose. I have made all things new. Do you love me? Do you trust me? Do you believe me? How I have loved you with an everlasting love. Yes with kindness have I drawn thee. Wounded in the house of my friends. Rejected by those I love and call my own..come now. I receive thee unto myself. Lifted in glory. My GLORY revealed. Look up. Watch. Pray. All things new.


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