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Amazing Dream/Vision: Jesus explains Kazakhstan situation – Dolph


Amazing Dream/Vision: Jesus explains Kazakhstan situation

January 12, 2022 12:11 AM

2022-01-12 00:08

I’m a 43 year Bible prophesy student and just listened to the most believable/important dream since Dumitru Duduman from Vicki Parnell. Jesus told her in vision

On January 6/7 the match was lit, the wick is ignited, burning down fast, momentarily it will explode into full blown explosion. Your count down has reached zero. The spark that begins the war and brings on Putin’s war on Ukraine happened on Jesus birthday on the original Julian calendar. Russia has massive troops and equipment in underground tunnels on the Russo-Ukrainian border that NATO doesn’t have a clue about.

Here is link: rumble.com/vs6b7b-the-u.s.-russia-kazakhstan-on-the-eve-of-it-all-dream-1-7-22-1001-am.html


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