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April 20, 2021 2:12 PM
Amos 3:7

DATE OF DREAM: April 16, 2021

Early on Friday Morning, April l6, 202I the Lord Jesus gave me a very VIVD and disturbing
dream. In this dream, I had entered our local public library. This library is located in a small rural town in a Southern part of the United States. When I entered  the library, I was expecting to see the two librarians seated the counter as you come in. NO ONE was there and no personnel was in the library? I also noticed that it was mostiy dark. The only source of light was coming through the large picture windows.

I began to take a walk through the building and look around– I also noticed that there was a large puddle or water near the counter where the librarians should have been sitting. I assumed  that the roof had leaked and left this puddle? Upon closer inspection of the library, I observed that there were NO COMPUTERS on the tables, NO BOOKS On the shelves or magazines on the counter and there were NO DVD’s in the racks. Most of the furniture had been pushed up against the walls. The entire atmosphere of the library was DARK, DANK, DINGY and VERY GLOOMY.

I also noticed that the “Genealogy Room” was dark and the door was CLOSED. This room was usually UNLOCKED and he door was always opened. I would access this room in the past and we had many people from all over the country to visit this genealogy room to research their ancestry and print out the information. I was about to exit the building when TWO ladies walked in and took seats (there were only a few chairs that weren’t pushed up
against the library walls) My FIRST OBSERVATTON: the two ladies WERE NOT wearing face masks, which was REQUIRED by the library staff and administration. When i asked WHY weren’t they wearing face masks? One lady under the assumption and false impression  that IF  you’ve taken the “SHOT” — They were under the assumption and false impression that the “SHOT” was now protecting them from ANY ADDITIONAL INFECTION from the CORONA VIRUS!I! There was NO NEED for any precautions; things were back to “normal”

Both ladies chimed in, “Have you taken the Covid Injection yet? ” Of course I answered, NO.
They insisted that I should– and told me that there was an “INJECTION SITE” right in the library parking lot. I hadn’t seen any signs of this activity upon entering the library? I went to one the large picture windows and LOOKED OUT to see a DOUBLE ROW of people sitting in chairs. Some people were LAUGHING and talking to one another (more of a “festive mood”). Some people just sat SILENT as they waited their turn for the injection.


This dream was so disturbing untl, I immedately began to question the Lord Jesus
concerning this dream afrer I woke up. He told me that EVERY PERSON that had a COVID-
19 Test was ALSO “MARKED” and the people took the COVID-19 INJECTION  indicates that they were ALREADY “MARKED” BY THE BEAST!!  This “revelation” shook me to the core. I asked the Lord yet AGAIN, “Do you mean that EVERY HUMAN BEING that was swabbed and then took the injection HAVE ALREADY BEEN MARKED BY THE BEAST?

JESUS…replied “YES!!!”

Ezekiel 33:11
“Tell them: As I live, says the Lord God, I have NO PLEASURE in the death of the WICKED

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