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Almighty God

November 8, 2021 9:22 PM

November 7 2021

Isaiah 45:5-7
5 I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:
6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else.
7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Revelation 1:8-9
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Isaiah 48:13
Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together.

I am not any different person, the same like any human being. I am created like any human being. What is different about me is, my walk in life. I have gone through the process of formal and informal education, many diverse fields of science, philosophy and finally the Bible. I am not any different person which make me specials to deserve the blessings which I am about to reveal for all. All is by the grace of God. One thing very unique about me is, I remember almost everything of the walk of my life, blessed with good memory for a reason.
Here is a short summary of what has been revealed for me, for us to know God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, the trinity which I have seen in visions and dreams, all live and true. These testimonies are true and very truthful. I have many encounters with the creator Almighty God. It is good to share, form some to add a little more faith, for those who don’t believe God is truth and for those who doubt the existence of God, this will be a good opportunity and moment to return from unbelief to faith. Except one ie #5, all the encounters are between 2013 and 2021. They are not in their chronological order but as I remember them. Because I remember every detail of all visions and dreams, like I saw it a moment ago, except few, I didn’t go back to my notes to refer to the details. Many of us are familiar with many of what is given below, few more are added to score the point. Take it as a summary not as a repetition. The details and the rest of the testimonies can be referred to from this website under my name, if they are available. In short:-

1. The Holy Trinity!
(Vision of July 15, 2018 7:30 AM)

A day before, in the afternoon, I heard a small whispering voice saying, “I will take you to heaven and show you something.”

I am awake, my eyes are closed, what I saw is wonderful. First, I see two-three figures something Red/Pink like thick patel of a flower, on top of what looks like two prominent fingers. Then, I see three prominent, clear white like a cloud rising up from afar, way up into the heavens. I thought “what a cloud!” and tried to figure out what I am seeing. There comes the three, The Father in the middle, Jesus to the right of our Father and the Holy Spirit to the left. I see a small figure on a lower ground, the same clear and white but not a distinct body as the three. I saw them clearly and all three- “The Trinity” stretched both their hands forward in a welcome gesture, expressing it in word “Here we are, come son.” They did this at the same time in the same holy expression. Our Father and Jesus, each dressed with one long beautiful robe. The Father had a long white dress on His robe which goes from the top of His left shoulder down to His lower body and to the right. I see but can’t see the Holy Spirit as clear as our Father and Jesus-the truth the Hope of all Nations and people, the only Son of God.

Then Jesus released a white Dove. The Dove flew forward. When I expect the bright white dove to come further forward to us, It flew back to His hands. When the Lord release the Dove, it was small and when it came back to His hands, it returned as full figured Dove. The gesture is “My Doves” as well as “Peace to the World.”

The third in the lower ground to the right of Jesus, as I understood is St Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn’t see her face clearly bur our Holy mother is there in glory. The Trinity are way up, in the heights and the Holy Mother at a lower “Ground” and much forward. She is a human size, as white light.

As I saw them, the three from head to feet, all clearly:-

Our Father in the middle just little forward.
Jesus to the right of our Father, just, just little back.
The Holy Spirit to the left of our Father, little, just little to the back, just little..The more I think about what I saw, a clear vision, the whole scene comes clearer and clearer.

I felt, I am looking at the far end of the universe, in a far away land. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit clear in their Holy place, pure light, Holiness and peace, nothing else. No rainbow, no thunder, the three dressed in Glory, clearly. I am no one but loved by God like God loves all of us, the righteous and the sinner. God is love, we all have a Loving Father in Heaven. Three and One-The Trinity. True, True, True!!!

Now, I have peace and happiness. This is a wonderful miracle. This is for all of us.What are the two/three in front and on the foreground much lower ground? Flowers?

Thank you Lord!

2. Our Father the Mighty Majesty.
In 2013, when I was in Maryland.

I am way up in the air, looking down on the ground watching myself walk on a grassy field. High up in the sky, I see a big figure, white like a cloud sitting with might and Glory on His throne. I see the Majesty, the outline like a clear white cloud. My spirit knew who I am watching. With no reservation I said “Our Father, You have forgotten us.” The Majesty sow me walk on the field down on earth, alone. At the moment I heard no word. Few days later, as if spoken at the moment of vision, I heard the Majesty say “He (meaning Jesus) will do everything for you(for all of us).” We know Jesus is given the authority on earth and heaven. What I saw with Majesty and Might is our Father, the King of Glory. According to the word of our Father, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Hope and redeemer has rewarded me, with His grace, many countless gifts, rewards and treasures. Praise Power and Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God forever, forever and forever more.

3. Our Father, Live in His Glory!

I am taken to Heaven by the Lord to my right. I feel the Lord to my right, I am not seeing Him. Everything happened fast but with perfect vision and understanding. Next, I am there to the right of our Father standing by His laps like a little child by his father. I am so close and see our father with clarity. I felt Jesus pass through, literally through our father and is watching my surprised moment of what I see. I didn’t know I was there to the right of our Father. I saw our Father sternly watching down, ie the earth. Our Father looked at me like a father looking at his son. Our father returned to what He is watching and again turned His face looking at me. I don’t know what our father noticed and He want back busy watching everything on earth. I saw the beautiful cheeks, His face His wonderful beautiful blue/green eyes. I am watching mesmerized with interest, clean heart and childhood honesty. The Lord to the right of our father, covered, I couldn’t see Him but feel His presence, is watching me like He “Tricked” me in a good way, a smiles I hear. If I know I am there watching our Father, I wouldn’t lift my head up but fall flat on where I am and worship. The precious moment ended as fast as it started without saying or hearing anything. I see much more than I hear. I feel, If I hear the Lord say something, I will die, a legitimate fear of the Lord and He knows that I fear Him.

4. Jesus the crucified.
(Open vision of November 10, 2017)

I encountered some incident in life. Felt bad like any human being and went on with my life. In the evening, at around 5:15 PM, I prayed on my knees and at the end of my prayer, my eyes are closed but awake, I saw Jesus on the cross. He is God and at the same time He is human. I see clearly his face on the cross. I saw His face above His neck. I see the crown of thrones, the spindles trusted deep in His skin. I see the blood flowing down his face, dried and turned dark. The only part which is clean is His nose and that is the mark of the look of the Lord. He is alive, just before He gave his life. The saddest part is, I saw His two eyes close right in front of my eyes and His neck bent forward to the right and His head fall. My heart was broken. What I saw was God at the same time a human being who has gone through brutal torture, pain and torment. It gave me the saddest at the same time a humbling feeling. My God, My Lord took the trouble of life, the pain, bled and died for our sin on the cross.

The message is “I died for you,” an advise of what we face in life is nothing compared to what Jesus paid for our life on the cross. Jesus died so that we live.

5. The “White Man on a White Horse”
Childhood encounter.

It was when I was a 5-6 year old child. I see an open field with green grass surrounded by trees. In the middle of the beautiful green open field is bright white being on a white horse. I am watching Him from His back. This wonderful bright being turned back His face, looked at me with unimaginable beautiful loving look. I felt loved, felt it deep in my heart, at the same time with all mixed feelings and sadness. The sadness is from longing for the lovely I saw is gone for no certainty that I will see Him again. Even though I can’t love Him as He loved me, I loved him as He very dear to me. I didn’t know what I was watching. I told no one until I am grown up. What I saw was Jesus Christ on a white horse. Ever since, I am never the same. I grew up seeing dreams and vision. If I don’t dream of something, mostly what is happening in the near and far future, I feel something has gone wrong with me. Still I see many countless visions and dreams every day.

6. The One Who looks like “The Son of Man.”
In 2017.

I use to watch the clouds, in real life and from the websites. I saw one video of a man burning in his house. In the smoke of the burning house, while many are scrambling to save the life of the old man in the house, someone capture a video of Jesus, above His chest, seen moving in the smoke. I took a picture of Jesus in the smoke and made it clearer to document it. In those moments of watching, looking for the truth of what is seen, I am give a vision. There are scriptural description of what I saw..

High up in the sky, I see one who looks like “The Son of Man.” Like a clear face of a new born baby, honest and pure, I see the Lord move with His right hand, the dark cloud covering his face with anger so that I can see Him. He is angry and upset with me for looking everywhere in pictures rather than inquiring from him. I saw the holyness, the purity, the beauty, the honesty, humbleness perfection and everything good, wonderful, and beautiful in the one who looks like the son of man. He look like “The Son of Man” but He is the Lord Jesus Christ described as one who looks like the Son of Man in the book of Enoch, Danial and His own word in the scriptures. If one sees the son of man as as the old witnesses saw the Lord, one will not help it but cry saying, “Is this the man, honest, pure and clean with no sin, mankind tortured and crucified?” At the End, when all see the Lord-the one who looks like the son of man, as written in the scripture, all will cry for him. I is written, I will come to pass and I have seen the one who looks like “The Son of Man”

7. The Glorious Jesus, the Colorful Rainbow!
In 2018

High up in the clouds, above the chain of mountains, I see glorious Jesus with beautiful raiment and a wide robe stretches out together with His two hands, gesturing with open arm like saying ”Come My Children.” I see many bright stars stretching from left to right at the level of His chest, looks the whole galaxy is stretching in front of Him. There comes a circular beautiful multicolor rainbow from the back moving forward all around the Lord, grow narrow to a small circle when it comes forward, one after the other with wonderful beauty. What a glorious moment. The galaxy looking bright stars are the saints and the whole scene is the vison of the coming of the Lord for His Bride for the final departure from the earthly to the heavenly.

8. The Lord a Consuming Fire.
The Lord with His Glory-Heaven opened Up.
(Vision of 2013)

I am in sleep, just in the early morning around 5:00 AM. First, I see an armada of planes/space
ships, dark colored like sharks, like stealth fighters. They are in a long row, moving very slowly, very strange, demonic feeling “aliens”. I said “do you have a language? can you communicate with us?” They are cruising from East to West in the upper Southern Hampshire. I am about to wake up from my own voice. Outside of the high-raise building, I hear the sound of cars and people, ready for the morning work. Immediately, I am put down to sleep and transported across the Atlantic to a place I know. I see the sky, I am then lifted to the mid sky, above the clouds. There is a land and I see the clouds below and in front of me. I am on a small piece of land and there is a wall with an arched entrance like old Jerusalem. On the arch are written three word, I can’t catch them. I don’t know what it means. I have a pad and a pen on my hand, I want to write but the vision continued. I read the words fast, written in a language I don’t know. The first on starts Abe–, Abed—Abede–, I can’t remember it. I learned later it is names, the names three names(the three who walked through the fire).I am still struggling on it. I felt and feared I am going to go to hell.
Way up in the sky, opposite to the slow moving armada of stealth fighter like “planes,” to the
right I see a big number of Angels. They are so small from the distance and they look like
“butterflies”(sorry for the wording). They went from the West to the East, opposite to the
“space ships.” The army of beautiful looking angles went little lower and slowly formed a
circle. Then, a cross appeared at the center of the circle. The cross look exactly like the colorful
beautiful ceramic cross I have for sometime, still have it. The circle and the cross came a little
lower, to the right and formed a Golden Arch, the gate of heaven. There is the cloud and the
open sky between us. Now I felt surprised, startled. From the arch, came down “stairs.” Practically Heaven opened up. From the inside of the arch, a bright being came out from the left to the right. What I see is very bright light, no distinct face and at His feet is a golden red consuming fire. When He started coming out, I panicked, full of fear. I stated shaking, wanted to run but I am on the air way high up in the clouds. There is nowhere to run. I saw the Lord with His glory, in bright white light and a consuming fire at His feet, the True being of God, a loving God, as well a consuming fire.

The meaning is, war and invasion will come but the Lord intercedes. Invasion of the army of
the enemy or “alien invasion,” is not reveled to me. What I understood is a slow, strange
demonic spirit moving strangely, slowly but steady and in order, one after the other covering the
sky from East to west to the middle if the sky.

9. The Final Coming of the Lord!

I am in Maryland, the day of Hosanna of 2013, watching TV, Sunday preaching, preaching from one of the mega churches. The preaching was about being content of what one has from the teaching of Paul the Apostle. I am bored and closed my eyes. In that instant, I see Jesus, Glorious white, descend from heaven to the olive garden. I see him from the back, landing on a white spot on the lower ground of the olive garden. When Jesus, facing towards the east, landed on the ground, the land split open from the North to the South, dividing it East and West. I see the fresh brown ground from the split like what one sees in an earthquake.

I don’t know Jerusalem, the olive garden, I have never been there. I looked in the map. Surprisingly, the white spot Jesus landed on is there as white stony sandy field in the lower ground of the Olive garden for evry one to see. What the Lord showed me is what is written in Zechariah 14.

10. Jesus Roars Like a Lion!

A few days later, after the vision of day of Hosanna of 2013, Jesus came with multitudes of Angels. He is by my right hand side, weakened, lifted me up with an angle from the left. It was a rush and I asked where we are going. He asked me “What have you done with what I showed you?” I felt ashamed and said, I have told to those who I know. He was not angry, He is slow to anger, He took my response even if it is not satisfactory. Without knowing, I told the Lord I am with Him, like going to war. He said “It is not like that” and He shouted loud letting me know that “It is not through arms but by the words of My voice” (2 Thessalonians 2:8 (KJV)). I see clearly, His face, His hair, glorious and wonderful, I see His robe, His blue sash. I say His feet with His beautiful sandals. Amazingly, I see His feet pointed forward and at that very moment, I saw His feet pointed backward, like walking back, meaning He travels through time, to the past and the future, back and forth. I have seen Him on the cross and I have seen what is to come, the past and the future.

11. The Lion of Judah and the Bright Stars.
(Vision of October 10, 2016 Past midnight)

In a deep sleep, I see the head of a Lion on the sky. It is brighter but like a cloud. It is clearly visible, well defined head of a very charismatic Lion. To the right and a little lower, I saw few, big, round lights in a semi circle and many smaller lights near them in random. At the center, there is something which I can’t clearly see. Then, I heard the Lord speaking like a whisper:-

“The Disciples shine bright, like that, and the rest shine as you saw.” That is the world of the Lord in calm whisper.

You have an assignment! You want to shine as bright as the stars in the heavenly Kingdom of our Father, turn many to righteousness. There are many treasures and rewards in heaven for those who do good things now. The truth!

Many Among us, will certainly shine like bright stars, even now! Then, you must have heard the Lord say “I MADE YOU NEW!” Praise the Lord!

12. Jesus walked by May Side!

I see Jesus on my right hand side. I am walking with Him like walking in a garden, like a close friend, comfortable and at eas. In the lower ground to my left, there are many friends I know from our old times in med school when I was an a lecturer, they are my students. The Lord says “Invite them” meaning to the “Wedding supper of the Lamb” and to the heavenly kingdom. I have an assignment to complete.

13 Jesus and the little Beauty, A Glimpse of Lovingkindness.

In the evening, I used eye drops laying on my back. I closed my eyes for 5 minutes and I rested but didn’t sleep. It is a 5 minutes little rests. Towards the North, to my right, in the far distance beyond the universe, I see Jesus dressed with a very beautiful blue long robe over His whole body and a bright white cloth in the inside. The beautiful, long blue robe over the shoulders covering every part of his body way down to His feet, is so beautiful, thick, moves like the wave of of the ocean, is so live, it attracts attention with admiration. The Being of Jesus is indescribable, clear, full of beauty and glory, gentleness, humbleness, love and care. His love is love in perfection as God is perfect. The same familiar Jesus as we see in the pictures but this is the beautiful heaven. There is a little baby girl in front of Him. He is bowing down while she barely stood to walk and stretched His left hand in front of her, pointing forward, guiding and showing her. He is helping her take baby steps with love, care gentleness and adoration. I wanted to see more and opened my eyes wondering what a beauty I saw. Colorful, beautiful, indescribably wonderful swift glance in an instant. It is wonderful. Everything is colorfully. Holy, clean and peaceful. In a split of a second, perfect to see the details, I saw, I understood, I wondered and felt full of surprised with joy. What a wonderful, beautiful scene. I see Jesus with His beard, pointed long chin, His nose and left side of His everything, from head to His long sash covered feet. This is Jesus we love in Heavenly wondrous beauty. The little girl is dressed with a wedding dress. Tight and narrow at her waist and wider at the bottom, bouffant skirt, like girls who bring the buffet of flowers for the wedding couple. It is white but can see through it like veil, white fine linen. She is teetering to walk and He looks to say “walk little Baby, walk forward.” The adoration, kindness, gentleness, care and beautiful smile on the face of Jesus walking the little girl is amazing. Words are short to describe the beauty, indescribable. The more I thing about it, I get more details. A moment to keep forever.

14. Jesus for the rescue!
In 2017.

I am downstairs in the basement. In the middle of the night, I see in a vision a very frightening dark demon walking downstairs to come to the room I sleep to chock me to death. I am alone in the basement, was so scared, ready to face it. In that moment, Jesus came from heaven, instantly in no time. I ran to Jesus, hugged him in my desperation but shrugged back feeling shame of my uncleanness. Jesus saved me. I went back to sleep without staying awake long after the the incident. One dangerous attack.

15. Jesus Walks Away From The Church

I am in front of a local church facing south watching what is coming. I have an old style watch in my hand, focused on the time, expecting something coming to the church. In the glass of the watch, like a mirror I am seeing what is unfolding from my back. I see Jesus walking among and together with the crowd flocking to the local market. Jesus dressed like the old times with one white outfit and His brand sandal, is walking away from the church, not toward the church. The Lord is in the middle of ordinary people, not in the church, evidently sharing the good news of the gospel. Time to go where the real people are!

16. Jesus Across the River Jordan and the Three Boats.

In a vision, I see Jesus Christ and three four people with Him, behind them are three boats(rafts) lined up side by side, the middle one right in front, the rest two on the side just a little further back. This is Jesus while He was on earth with few of his disciples. In a time period of a year the Lord came to visit and promise me saying ”I am the one you saw with the rafts” Remember the 270 days/9 months waiting period for the many promises the Lord gave me, one of them “Come to My Rest!”

17. I am give a Hug.

I was alone, felt betrayed and the Lord saw and gave me huge, comforting me and showing His lovingkindness. The word can betray, family and relatives, friends and co workers but the Lord is faithful, the same forever, loving, caring, providing, protecting, perfect in His being and in His work. Trust the Lord, not man and nothing of this decaying world.

18. Visited while sleeping.
In 2014

while I was sleeping on the 20thm floor high raise building, I saw Jesus dressed with blue raiment. The Lord didn’t want to wake me up, seeing my wellbeing, He walked out through the window in to the air, through the window of the 20th floor, into the air.

19. Jesus on His Knees Paper Flat on the Laps of Our Father.

I see Jesus on His knees on the laps of of our Father begging for mercy and praising our Father. I am still wondering what I saw. I saw Jesus dressed with very colorful raiment, wearing a golden crown flat on the laps of our Father. Jesus was flat, literally two dimensional flat with width and length a small thickness. I wondered what this means. Being thankful/ interceding for His people and His creation on earth?

The Lord is begging for mercy flat on His face on the laps of our Father. Difficult to share and understand but the vision is true.

20. The Watchful Eyes of the Lord
In 20219

In the middle of a very chaotic night, high up in the southwestern sky, in the darkness, I see the Lord.
The Lord is watching everything going down on the earth. He is covered with darkness but I see Him
clearly, sternly watching everything going on earth. The earth is under the watchful eyes of the Lord.
Nothing is hidden from His sight and no secret is hidden from His knowledge. Light is emitted
towards me, I can see the rays of light projected towards me and the Lord says “They will pay for
it”. The Lord saw the sever attacks I am sufferings from. Fear not, we have our loving God
watching over us.

21. The Lord is Very Angry.

This is the final word for the world. The people on earth, His own creation has angered the Lord. I saw fire in His face, fire in His eyes, deep anger on His face, His white hair stood as if strong wind is passing through it. The anger is so deep, nothing can stand in front of Him. Woe to earth! woe to earth! woe to earth! Judgment is here, His wrath is about to fall on the sinners and the disobedient.

This is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jakob, the creator of everything created, all knowing, omnipresent and all powerful, perfect holly and Mighty in power and Glory, The Father, The Son, the Holly Spirit, one God forever, forever and forever more.

Now, the world knows God exists, God is true!

God is Not an Imaginary Fictitious Character!

I have Seen God and Now You have seen Him too!
God is Real!

With This Little time left, with no promise of the next minute:-

Repent! Repent! Repent!


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