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All about Him-T-L-O

February 26, 2024 9:13 AM

February 26, 2024

2 Thessalonians 2:3-5 (KJV)
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away
first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as
God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

As instructed by the Lord, here is one summary.
It is good to visit and revisit what we have documented in the last few years, the visions, the dreams and the revelations the Lord gave us. To my surprise, I found these word which are given for these specific period of time.
On December 15, 2014 at 3:00AM, I had a very bad night with a dream and repeated voice on my head, annoying and terrible vision and heard these word three times which say:-
The terrible day of the Lord is coming!
The terrible day of the Lord is coming!
The terrible day of the Lord is coming!
It was as if I was passing through the terrible day itself.

The second time, in the same night, in my sleep, I heard the same message which says:-
The terrible day of the Lord is coming!
In Mid -February 2015, again, the annoying troubling sound came close to me saying:-
The terrible day of the Lord is coming!
These stern repeated warnings are for these days we are living in. Be warned.

Before going to the main visions and dreams given, few word for a better understanding. This is all and everything about The Lawless One (T-L-O) called “Him” in the title above.

There is an old fun we use to have in our young school years which says ‘The prince of Paris lost his hat, some say this some say that, but I say –” Who did we say he is? #44? Let us see what we have.

It was in the later years of his presidency, I see fighting in the middle east. There is a big conflict. I ran towards the area but my brother grabbed me from my back and hold me back. He was holding me back telling me, this is not what you have to be involved in.

In a little while, I see a big earthquake in the area I live, Midwest. The earth shook very strongly and the land formed like a wave of the sea, up and down in rows. There are lots of startled people in the street of the small town.
He came and like a person I know for a long time, we walked across the street. In spite of the great earthquake, he mounted on a high stage of a shoe shiner and started his shoes to be shined. He didn’t care, not at all. I was surprised with how he reacted to the big earthquake. This was in his time of leadership. There was no earthquake of that magnitude at the time.

The conflict in the middle east is in its 31/2 months but the earthquake is to came at the same time.

The Lord has given us another clue about his future, he will surface soon.

In another vision, I saw him taking the stage to make a declaration of a big calamity. The second indication that he will surface by the time the calamity strikes.

There are some visions I saw which need worth mentioning. At one point as if his lady knew who he is, in the middle of the dark night, she ran away with one of her daughters. I see both dark in the darkness running in hiding bent to the ground.

In another vision, I went to the WH to see what he is doing. I looked in, I saw his lady, she is looking at me but he is not there, he is hiding.

At another vision just a year and half earlier, I found myself with him under one roof but different rooms. He looks clean like a good gentleman reading a book or something.
In the early times of his leadership, when I knew clearly that he is up to something big, he came
with a handgun, ready to shoot me but wanted to inquire what I know about him.

As what we have been doing in the last few months, here are short summaries of what is revealed to us by the Lord through the years. Everything you known and what we have posted here before but together.

I. Big Earthquake
(Dream of Early 2010)

I saw a big Earthquake in the East of the US from the midwest I live, very big earthquake. The land formed a wave like water and a lot of destruction. The leader of the country, BHO-b-a-m-a, was visiting the devastation. In the East, far out across the land in the middle east. I sea lots of people fighting forming two sides(This is the current ongoing war). I tried to run towards them but I am being held back from being involved. I see him dressed in three pieces, looking good and was putting his left hand over my shoulder. He crossed the street and sat high up to have his shoes shined like what they have in big.. He is relaxed, with no much concern and waits there. The people across the street have their life and housed ruined.

Did the major Earthquake strike? Not yet!
Is he coming back after the quake?

II. The Emergency Desaster Announcement!
(Sunday, July 19, 2015, 11:30 AM)

In this vision, I am hearing music clearly, the music is what I know, the oldies. I haven’t listened to music in a long time, for years, relaxed environment. All of a sudden, everything is silent, Obama going to make an emergency announcement. There is a weather man’s screen at the back as weather reporters screen. It is sudden. It look like a major disaster has/is going to happen. He is dressed like a golf players, T-shirt and pants, casual-not prepared for anything. He is very very scared, frightened and shaken. He sttod up from among the few people in the room, ran to the poduim/the stage. He is tuning left and right on the podium to see if the microphone in front of the TV camera system is working. The people around him are shaken, don’t know what to do. It is a last minute announcement to tell the people to prepare, like run etc. It look, I am sensing, a meteor is going to strike or have struck and some disaster is going to follow and on the way, no time, last minute announcement. It looks the people are in panic and don’t know what to do, they are in total shock and panic, ready to run. I haven’t seen him shaken like that before and for that matter any other person. In the dream, I am running to turn the TV on to see the announcement but the TV doesn’t turn on and woke up in shock saying to myself, “It has happened.” It was a vision in a dream. The whole scenario of the dream ended there, it ended there.

Something major is going to happen. Some sort of Natural disaster which catches all in a surprise. The time of Noah is remembered. When I am writing the words from Matthew I heard a word from above which says”Verily, Verily”!!! which means in truth,really, indeed
This is waiting to happen soosn.

III. In The Shadow Standing Alone!
(Revelation of April 4, 2015-The Night of the 3rd Blood Moon.)

In this dream, there is a big explosion. There are like pressurized valves, three, four and the fifth big cork screw like explosion. There are lots of painted cylinder like high rises from which the fire and explosion is coming. In the the town of explosion, there falls from the sky, not snow, not rain but something white liquid foam which covered the ground. I see a cascade of explosion sparking from behind us. It looks like electric power grid and chemical plant catching big fire from the explosion. Sparks are flying, fire is spreading in the area of explosion. There is a two story house and the explosion is behind this house. There is a white toxic chemical spill spreading and covering the ground right in front us by the house. I see some clear area by the street a little further. I am looking to the ground watching what the chemical spill is. I can’t tell what it is and it is not some thing I have seen. I sense some chaos and unrest in the environment and every one is agitated and alarmed. To our left, there is a shadow, darkness covering everything, the ground and the sky. Our side to the right is light, I can see everything. The whole area to the left is covered with darkness like a shadow. In front of the rows of houses to the left, in the dark shadow is standing BHO-b-a-m-a by is own, alone. He is dressed with shirt, necktie and a dress pant, no jacket, as he normally looks. He is simply standing, watching his surroundings alarmed and agitated but collected, in control of himself.

My Understanding.

Fire in the powerhouse – The Governmental system and administration or real explosions.
White, toxic Chemical spill -The storm in the politics, toxic politics

In the Shadow alone -Waiting for the right moment for what we all know.
The status -Public unrest, chaos.
I came to learn all this is for now.

Standing Alone In The Shadow! MCKANA, AUGUST 11, 2020.

IV. “I am going to be your leader, the road is clear.”
(May 29, 2019 1:30AM)
Something happened and people are in a hurry on the road. There is a street going from West to East few miles in front of us, towards the South. When they in a hurry to board on a cars, I hear BHO-b-a-m-a with the few groups, some people in front of them to go to East. He says “I am going to find out where he is” (looking for me).
It looks there is some sort of scarcity and I had a cup of grain rise/wheat in my hand. We are thinking of and worried about where we are going to cook our small cup of grain in my hand. We are looking from a distance. Then, like a bridge, the road/the ground lifted up like a door, wide and big and inclined towards the east. The people are going downwards with him on the road, downhill. I can see, some sort of an underground hole “pit’, dark, quadrangular and sort of metallic, heavy metal. It is what covers the pit like a gate to the underground (underworld). I see it lift up from the east side and inclined again downwards. I don’t know what came out. Then BHO-b-a-m-a says “I am going to be your leader, the road is clear!” He is telling the people that He is going to be their leader. Not to lead the people on the road but leaderhsip of the people.
Now I am awake and listening. The evil lady with him says mentioning my name “ He is the only one who climbed Ararat(The Biblical mount Ararat). I am listening to the noise around them and it looks he is under opposition from our town/community and says “Back there, they took me hostage” and left. He is telling his people what has happened to him in our community. Amazing!
What did came out of the pit? It looks dark when it opened. The is a small hill between the road and and the darkness hiding us from viewing what came out of the pit. Something from the pit came out and we don’t see it. The Pit opened-The road is cleared and he proclaimed to be the leader.
The gate to the underworld-hell is opened. “Evil incarnation.” Many followed him.
This a real manifesttion of his power aspirant nature.
“I am going to be your leader” says who? The “Pit”opened up! SEPTEMBER 5, 2019, MCKANA

V. “I am going to reign, no more big chat”
(Dream/Vision of January 14, 2023. 3:13AM)
In this revelation, at 3:30AM, after a reapeated spiritual attack , I heard BHO-b-a-m-a says:-
“I am going to reign, no more big chats.”
I am awake now, can’t sleep back from their attack and chaos. I hear what they are saying.
It look he is shifting his asigned evil enetiry to another location towards the west coast. I hear him say “We are going to send her to California, she is my agent of destruction.” I don’t know in what kind of destructive capacity she is going to be assigned, that looks like their plan.
In a while, at 4:04AM, while I am between wake and sleep, I hear BOH say:-
“I am going to reign on Wednesday.”
Which Wednesday, week, month and year, is not specific. We are in the early days of the Judgment of God, the early days of the Tribulation and this is the time the lawless one to be revealed. The son of perdition, the lawless on will be revealed just after the global crisis of-earthquakes, economic crisis, war etc etc It indeed is the time the lawless one is “going to reign,” a short lived reign.
What does “No more big chat” mean?
It is evident that when the reign of the lawless one comes, the freedom of expression, specifically messages from the Lord and the word of the Lord, worships will be restricted and that signals the time of persecution.
“I am going to reign” says the Lawless one. JANUARY 14, 2023 MCKANA

VI. The New Hitler.
In thirty minutes of the same night, I saw three end time open visions.
Frist vision-12:51AM The Man With Black Eyes.
I just went to bed, I am awake, closed my eyes to go to sleep. I see Biden looking up laying on his back. I see his two dark black eyes staring at the sky. The size of the eyes are the same but very dark. I was wondering what he is watching. First, I though he is praying but he is not. He is looking up with bewilderment. Then I felt, this might be from his sickness.
The next vision tells what he is looking at.

Second vision-1:00AM. The New Hitler.
In a little while, I see something strange. I am looking up to the sky over Europe. I see Hitler dressed with old time khaki military dress. I am like a little child looking up under the feet of a giant. I see clearly, his head with his black hair hanging to the left on his forehead. I see his eyes, light yellow green like the eyes of a reptilian. He has a frightening stern look with his eyes staring down at me. He face is filled with the utmost arrogance, commanding, stubborn, filled with pride. He looks charismatic with a very serious frightening look. I see his wide belt on his waist hanging from his shoulder like a suspensor. His pants wider at the thighs. I see his boots. He is stepping down from up the sky on the ground. He look to step on the whole earth. I felt he is stepping down to crash me. It looks he is descending from above for a full control of the world. Compared to the historical Hitler, this one is many many times powerful, strong with pride, arrogance, cruelty and stubbornness. He has all the qualities of a cruel dictator. The new Hitler has all the characters of a strong commander for a complot control of the entire world with a frightening look.
I was wondering, how can Hitler come again. That is the new Hitler, the brutal dictator.
The truenature of the Anti-Christ.

Third Vison -1:25AM- The Angelic Being Gone.
Before I thing about what I saw, the third vision came.
High up in the open sky, way up from the area I saw “The New Hitler”, I see a very good looking, clean white beautiful face with long sharp nose, very crisp angelic face. The moment I saw the face, he turned to the right and gone. This is a short vision, a vision of the departure of an angelic being who was watching over the world.
Is this the Holly spirit, the restrainer, a vision of peace taken away from the world? That is what I understood.
The Brutal Hitler Comes, Peace is taken away. JULY 23, 2022.MCKANA.

VII. The Beast System is Here!
(Vision of September 6, 2023. 2:00AM)

A-The Reckless train
In a swift vision I see a train. I see the front of the train which has two open seats with no windows. Nothing is covering the two seats-open from the front, the sides and above. It is like the open presidents motorcade in the times of parades or in a festival of an event. The train is very big, the seats in front are high raised. This is not a common train we know. I see the front part clearly, light yellow in color like the color of a military Humvee. The train has arrived from a far off place to the destination, in the entrance of a city. This train looks like it is going to recklessly destroy everything on its way. a reckless train. That is what I understood.

B. The lawless one
In the driver seat, I see a sharp, crisp, good looking person. He is dresses in three pieces, like a business man and has nothing on his head. He is in a complete control of the train. I saw the face of the person for a split of a second. He has a good charismatic, attractive look. In that very short moment, what I saw is a beautiful person with mesmerizing look. When I am trying to have a closer look of the face of this person, his face changed to some one other than himself like masking himslef with a mask. The changed face of the person looks like the former president Bush, the young Bush. What I saw next is a changed person in the look of the former president but that is not the real look of the person in the driver seat. The stature and the built looks like Bush, that is how he concealed his face(taking leadership, that is what it means)

C-The Second to the lawless one
Next to the right side of the person in the driver seat comes another person. This person boarded the train and instantly when the second person took his seat, his face changed to a dark demonic look. The whole of the person became dark as the most darkest dark, like a tar dark.
The Lawless one has arrived. September 19 22, 2023 8:00 PM. McKANA

VIII. The End.
At the end, this is the crisp clear vision the Lord gave me in the early times of his leadership, in 2010. At the time of his leadership, I didn’t want to mension his name so I titled the vision as “The death of a Prominant person”

The death-Prominant person Killed/Dead
(Dream vision of 2011)
I saw BHO-b-a-m-a, the man in the highest post of the country killed/dead. The entire country and the whole world in utter silence. I didn’t see the dead but lots and lots of people all dressed with colorful cloths. I tried to look towards the center and no space to see. Difficult to tell, the people in different colorful clothes are standing in a little higher ground and I am like a little boy behind the spectators trying to see what the people are watching. I feel the silence of the whole world, eerie silence, sadness.
The dead is not here, he is somewhere, way, away somewhere else. Thinking it is an immediate event, at the time, I was wondering what it means. Now, not clueless at all.
Finally, this will come to pass in the period/end of the tribulation.
That is His End,
No one wants to fight Almighty God.

Repent, Repent, Repent!

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