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Alien Rapture Dream – Paul Sudeep Kavery

By Paul Sudeep Kavery

March 3, 2018

Alien Rapture Dream

The red moon, and the black things inside started moving, just like an ovum that is fertilized by a sperm, and the moon began transforming until a giant of a space craft which resembled the red moon, covered it entirely, and the moon was not reflecting any light from the already darkened sun(?) that was when strange objects which resembled like coffin box flew to various places on Earth and sucked people in the blink of an eye, many people disappeared, and some Christians on Earth thought they were left behind, as they believed Christians have been raptured, then began the great falling away like never before, pious, holy Christians gave up their faith, and took the mark of the Beast in vain.

Instead of rapture, the apostatic Christians were sucked to their eternal destruction in the deathly coffin machines.

Dream ends.


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