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alien head and false messiah ENTER INTO THE POPE BECOME ONE – Catherine Hazen

alien head and false messiah ENTER INTO THE POPE BECOME ONE

Sep 20, 2019, 8:33 PM
Catherine Hazen

Shalom to everyone I would like to share an open vision that ABBA YAHUAH GAVE ME about 2 months ago.

I was sitting in my kitchen just thinking sitting in quite and all the sudden This vision was so real as if I was watching it happen I seen an image of the pope in the middle and to the right of the pope I seen a alien ūüĎĹ head but I know this is fallen messangers and to the left I seen the false messiah that most claim as Jesus from the RCC ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN this vision I seen his long brown wavy hair that was saturated in blood I seen not the flesh but in the ruach I see the left side of his face blackened I seen no eye ball but deep black pit socket as I watched this vision I watched the alien head and false messiah ENTER INTO THE POPE BECOME ONE.

I WAS TALKING WITH MY BROTHER ADAM FROM AUSTRALIA HE SPOKE ABOUT THE FROGS ūüźł. Well I hurried up and went into scripture and I was given the scripture Matthew 2424, Exodus 20 :4 REVELATION 16:13 Matthew 24:36 I have attached pictures to show what I seen and what I got MAY YAHUAH BARUK U ALL AND RECEIVE May the shalum of Yahuah give u complete understanding by his RUACH THAT TEACHES US ALL THINGS

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  1. Aguinel S√°

    13. E da boca do dragão, e da boca da besta, e da boca do falso profeta, vi saírem três espíritos imundos, semelhantes a rãs.
    14. Pois s√£o esp√≠ritos de dem√īnios, que operam sinais; os quais v√£o ao encontro dos reis de todo o mundo, para os congregar para a batalha do grande dia do Deus Todo-Poderoso.
    (Apocalipse, 16)

  2. Donna McGowan

    The Pope’s not the false Antichrist Obama is the pope is the false prophet

  3. Kenneth Heck

    According to Catholic prophecy, there will be a split in the church where two popes exist, one authentic and the other false. The false pope will drive the true one out of the Vatican and he will be assassinated. The false pope will lead everyone into heresies and immoral practices.

  4. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has shown you.
    The Spirit of deception is now already at work in the life of the pope, and he’s deceiving the whole world right now into forming a one world religion.

    Spirit of frogs false Spirit, false revivals and false Christ. ( Antichrist spirit)

  5. Thomas Heward

    Based on my understanding of dreams from the Lord frogs often stand for unclean spirits especially concerning sexual immorality.

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