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October 7, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

I Corinthians Chapter III, Verses XIII-XV
“…the work of each will be made manifest, for the day of the Lord will declare it, since the day is to be revealed in fire. The fire will assay the quality of everyone’s work: if his work abides which he has built theron, he will receive reward; if his work burns he will lose his reward, but himself will be saved, yet so as though fire.”

Children, the Day of The Lord, The Day of Judgment is nye. Do not lose your reward but Aim High in my Father’s house. Build while you can, because the door is even now closing. There are many mansions in My Father’s house. Do the work of My Father while you still have breath. Do not waste your time on this passing world. For you may not be given tomorrow. You of this generation are at the end of the Age of Human Will.

Do Now The Will Of My Father, Asking The Holy Spirit, Minute By Minute, Hour By Hour, Day By Day, Thought By Thought, What Is His Holy Will And You Will Ascend Jacob’s Ladder To The Top!

Think it not strange that there are many levels in Heaven for you are all different, as each diamond if different, each snowflake is different. Shine Brighter for when you leave this world your place is set for all eternity, in My Father’s house.

During The Warning, all the dross will be burned off you. You will feel in your body all your sins, you will also see them unfold before your eyes as in a rolling series of time frames from the beginning of your lives.

Think on these things now and ask God to prepare you now to receive The Warning Experience, The Illumination of Conscience, The New Pentecost where you will make a final decision Yes Or No to your Creator God The Father Almighty! End.

Definition of Assay: “to estimate a value by analysis”
Websters New American Dictionary, 1940 Edition.


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