2019/12/21 at 9:08 AM
Cindy Oxox

Feb 6, 2019 – VISIONS – I saw


I only saw LINCOLN’S HEAD, it was very large, with black all around. I saw Red Shots fired from behind LINCOLN’S HEAD, however, also Shots or more like big Red explosions in front of LINCOLN’S FACE. That did not make sense at the time because Lincoln was shot from behind only.

Even though none of the shots actually hit Lincoln’s head, with each Shot fired
LINCOLN’S FACE would Disappear more.
(represents warship disappearing)

Abraham Lincoln is tied to
3 of my prophecies received from

Feb 2019 – Nov 2019

Other prophets confirm also

1. Abraham Lincoln Warship Sinking
2. Donald Trump’s Assassination
3. Freeing Slaves- Rapture- Let My People Go

Someone else had a vision of a
BUS full of people being RAPTURED,
driven by Abraham Lincoln.

2/6/2019 – VISION continued- other things I saw.

*Mass amounts of people hunched over carrying all their belongings, barely walking towards the West, in the dry hot sun.

The next scene,
they were all dead on the ground.

Next Vision
*Alien baby in a fluid sac.

—-Feb 4, 2019 – VISIONS—

*RESCUE DOG – with a
SEARCH-LIGHT on it’s Head, wearing a

(same Dog as Dec 2017 Vision –

E.T.s pretending to help us after some sort of massive devastation, turns out the ETS were demonic GIANTS that came down and ate the people. Pools of Blood everywhere. Happened during Christmas time.)

Next Vision
*SKULL blowing PARTY FAVOR with FIREWORKS in background. (same as I Pet Goat II video)

Cindy 8081111


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  1. Michelle Downey

    Falsehood. Rapture doctrine is from satan. Completely contradictory to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. Crying in the Wilderness

    To no one in particular – I.e. “ALL”.

    Judge not, for by the measure you judge another, so shall you be judged.

    Is it not possible that men have incorrectly taught the concept of being “caught up” (harpazo)??? Was Enoch not caught up? What about Elijah? Perhaps even Phillip?

    Did God not tell Moses, if someone prophesies something that does NOT occur, this person has spoken PRESUMPTUOUSLY? Did He not then say, Do not be AFRAID of him?

    Does God want us to burn “heretics” at the stake like we used to? Did God EVER want this???

    Why did Jesus teach with parables, when He KNEW that NO ONE would understand Him?
    Did He not do what He saw His Father do??

    Be not so quick to criticize, but instead LOVE your neighbor.

    It is very, very late, my friends. I pray to the Most High that ALL would comprehend these things.

    A brother.

  3. Michelle Downey

    The Holy Spirit guides to ALL Truth, those whom seek Him with their whole heart. No lie is of the Truth. The parables Jesus Christ gave us are plain to see and understand to those whom have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  4. Karen mcgauley

    We are appointed for tribuation, but not wrath….

  5. do you see anything strange?

    Michelle Downey, we are literally told to pray to escape. You are blind.

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