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Abortion – Anonymous


Jan 5, 2020, 12:25 AM


So when I moved to a little town in September 2017 I had dream it was very weird , I was on the beach ( don’t know where) I was standing there looking at a massive tsunami ,so high !!!, As I’m looking at this tsunami my attention is directed to even a bigger thing, a big planet was heading towards earth as it is about to hit earth it quickly turns right across the earth, the dream then ended,

so what does this dream mean? So as I wake up I quickly hop on the net because I remember what the planet looked liked and it was Jupiter, so I begin telling people this dream and they say impossible it is way to far away to even come close to earth , so I’m stuck for the meaning of this dream I search so many different things for info over the next year and a half until recently I realise ( I did ask God what this dream meant) but didn’t really push the issue and go deep with it as people are saying it can’t come near earth it’s so big and so far away it can’t happen so I let it be ,but I was still curious at what this tsunami and Jupiter planet meant so I continued to ask God about it, recently I got the answer this is what I believe the dream meant ,-

ok so I will start with the planet Jupiter, Jupiter is a False God an evil spirit/ Satan or is called also Baal or Bel but it’s evil either way, so what does this Jupiter/ Baal spirit represent or do? It is a spirit of death over children/ babies, so what people would do a long time ago was adults both men and women would gather around Baal statue or arch and offer there babies to be burnt alive sacrificed to Jupiter god/ Baal,so what does this have to do with now in seeing Jupiter come to earth , I believe that same evil spirit of Jupiter/ Baal has now came down to earth out of the spiritual world to kill babies again,

now if you look back at 2015 you would have heard Isis or ISIL destroyed the arch of Triumphal at Syria the arch was 2000 years old, it is the same arch that was used to sacrifice babies long ago, now in 2016 both London and America put up a replica of this arch of Triumphal at Trafalgar Square and Times Square, which would make sense since the original was destroyed a year before, so now you have the arches set up so now the enemy Satan can bring the evil Jupiter/ Baal spirit to earth again, which he has done , you say where’s your proof of this ,well look at what just happened lately we now allow full term abortion of babies killing them just like back in the old days when they use to sacrifice them to Satan/ Jupiter/ Baal spirit, millions of babies each year are aborted from conception but now can be killed when born at 40 weeks , so what does a tsunami mean in this dream? I believe this spirit of death over babies and our next generation has completely covered the whole earth as what I seen was a tsunami going right across the earth


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