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Aborted Baby In The V – Waymon


Aborted Baby In The V

March 23, 2021 1:39 PM

Dream: 3/23/2021

I was leaving a clinic. I wasn’t sure if I got the V or not. I was afraid that I had gotten it. I was driving away from the clinic then I look down on this paper and I see that I had gotten 5 vaccines but….I came to the conclusion that none of them were the V.

I saw an aborted baby in a small black container. I believe I saw this in the doctor’s office. They were putting it in this container, and it had some pull strips at the end to secure it in the black plastic container with a plastic clear wrapping on top.

I believe from this dream that I am supposed to stay as far away from this V as possible.

Previously, I had asked God two times if the V was the mark. Each time I did this I had horrible nightmares.

Please take this to the Lord if you feel the need.

– Waymon


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