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A World Takeover – Caroline Diadem

A World Takeover

April 23, 2022 12:17 AM
Caroline Diadem

21st April 2022

Can you hear the rumbling from a far off land. It comes as a sandstorm. It comes as a blight. It comes as a storm. I see smoke from afar bellowing upwards, I see its tank fire, white smoke, like clouds forming. It’s a huge tank that is rolling over the land, it is taking the land by storm, to crush the people, to crush the nations. It’s the tank of Putin, that is in his mind to crush the nations. That’s the tank of war, its coming. Its what I m seeing. I see the smoke clouds rising before it, the smoke clouds will be seen before the tanks, it rises before it. Destruction weapon.

This is on a scale that has never been seen before. There’s no return, no going back. He is moving forward with his allies, there’s so many of them. They fill the skies. I m in the car by the river and I am watching these puffy clouds in front of me, but its like they are all on the same trajectory they are all moving the same direction. The Lord is showing me this is Putin and his allies, how they will be moving forward, filling the nations (like they are filling the skies right now) with one trajectory, one mission, one focus, with stark determination to capture the nations. They have it planned and schemed, I am feeling this so strong right now. This corrupt leaders, they are out for power for pieces of the map they already have determined what piece is going to be there’s. They have already made their alliances, they have already done it. I m seeing it now, this movement that is moving now, is absolutely going to increase in size, in capacity greatly increase. I see so many allies, not one or two. They are all moving in tandem, a perfect word to describe it, to take the NATIONS!! To take the NATIONS. They are going to take the nations, there is a multitude of them, I m telling you I m getting this revelation right now, as I m speaking to you. There is multitudes of them. There is so many of these clouds right now, they are representing the allies, the leaders, the nations. Some of them are just powerful leaders who are going to jump on the bandwagon because they are going to be given certain territory. Putin has amassed like a huge vast number of allies to join with him, amassing this army to move forward to take the nations, I’m telling you. This is so serious. This is on a huge scale, this is a mass scale, a mass takeover. This is vastly more than world world 3, this is world war 3 but its like crazy, off the charts, what I m seeing right now. This is a huge scale takeover. Massive. So many nations will be involved in this. IT is so BIG. They are taking over nations, they are taking over the world. They are sweeping over Europe, they are taking nations over Europe. They are taking out the USA, they are taking out all the nations because they are amassing power for themselves. They are already in cahoots, they have been making alliance with Putin behind the scenes. It’s a mass takeover, my goodness, my goodness.

Territories and land boundaries have already been syphered out and new mapping, new distribution of land and territories, like after the second world war.

SOS! SOS! the planes are coming in. The planes are coming in. Can you see the black fighter with the red crosses/markings, beige jets with red crosses on the wings. Can you see the fighter jets coming in, they fill the sky, they fill the skies. Japanese are coming, they are coming for you, merciless. Dropping their bombs in lines across the fields. Bombers they are bombers filling the skies dropping their bombs. SOS they are coming. Can you hear the noise in the distance (it will be very distinct, a shrill type of noise). Some of them are dropping their quiet bombs. This are big bombs the dangerous bombs. They will take out much larger territories. I see the planes and they are dropping the big bomb. It’s a quieter sound. They are coming, they are coming, be not in doubt any more they are coming, they have their satellite radars on you, they are watching you, they know they know they know. They re appointed time is coming. They see you from space, they see you from space, they watch their targets from space. Make no doubt about it, they are watching. I see their satellites and they have their radar on you. Get ready they are coming, they are coming. Intercontinental ballistic missiles. I m hearing ground bases, I m hearing land bases. Their submarines. Their floating tanks are coming, their ships. So many of them, so many of them are coming. The air front is first, the air front is first to take you by surprise attack. The ships are behind them for landfall, for landfall. I m seeing this in the clouds can you believe it. Now I m seeing these boats (the clouds look like boats).

I feel God’s peace right now. I feel His peace. My peace I give you, not as the world gives you. I give you my peace, I give you my presence, not as the world gives you. Supernatural presence and peace. I AM the lion of the tribe of Judah. Fear not my people. My beloved fear not. I feel the wonderful presence and peace of the Lord. As the bombs come down, I give you my supernatural peace and my presence. Do not fear says the Lord I AM with thee. I call you by my name for I knew you, I knew you in your mother’s womb says the Lord. Be comforted in this says God I knew you even before you were born for I formed you in your mothers womb. I AM that I AM your saviour, your God, your keeper, your shade at your right hand be not moved, be not afraid, do not fear for I AM the great Shepard of my sheep. I am the great Shepard of my sheep fold, I will bring my sheep into the fold, I will gather them in, I will gather them safely in the pen, where they are kept safe and secure says the Lord. I gather my sheep, I gather my sheep at this time and I secure them in the pen, they shall be safe and secure, saith thy God.

There is no power on the earth greater than my power. There is no strength on the earth greater than my strength says your God. I m still feeling God’s peace. This is a world takeover. It is a world wide takeover, but the Lord will have His way, for I create a new heaven and a new earth where no sin dwells says the Lord. For I will contend with all nations, I will contend with this world because of its sin, it damages the earth. It damages my creation, it does injury to my laws yes I will contend with the nations. I will bring them down. I will confront them. I will deal with them says the Lord. Shall they be able to deal with me, The Holy One Of Israel. The Holy One whom they mocked. I will contend with the masses.

These are also hordes of demons running on the earth. I see them as hordes of demons. I see them running. It is a natural and spiritual warfare. These demons have been released. They have power and they are racing across the earth. Its like they have been given permission so they are taking advantage of it very speedily and quickly, because they don’t know any self discipline or order. They are chaotic. They are running because they are taking over. They are pleased to have this permission so to speak, to bring along this chaos. These demons I believe are behind this war, to come and bring destruction on the earth. That’s what I am seeing and sensing. They are coming to a dead end because they will be confronted by God Himself, they will be smitten by the Lord with the sword of His mouth. The demons could never go against Jesus Christ because of His spiritual authority. He has authority over the natural and spiritual realm. All the armies of the earth are subject to Jesus’s authority, but Jesus is going to stand and contend with these armies that amass against him. He will contend with them before the final closing of this age. This is what the Lord is showing me. That is going to happen. This will be in Israel. Because God is the Holy One of Israel, that is where He established His name. That is where He established Himself so this is where he will contend with the nations, it will be in Israel..


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