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A word to the nation: War at your gate. Chinese and Russian invasion. Hope in the midst of a storm – Terry Crockett

A word to the nation: War at your gate.  Chinese and Russian invasion. Hope in the midst of a storm

October 13, 2020 4:07 PM
Terry Crockett

Can a nation remain captive when the Lord demands their release? What sets the captives free but believing they are free men and their chains are forever broken under the Mighty hand of the Lord. For when a man truly believes he’s free, he’ll do what he could not do before. The Holy One visits the place where you dwell. Chains that once bound, He breaks off setting the captives free. Breathing the Holy Breath of God into the lungs commanding life to arise in your dead parts to restore, refresh and give life. The Breath of God Almighty breathing life at the point of death. Those without strength to continue, beaten, overtaken by the extreme battle, fatigued, and mortally wounded.

I passed by and saw your condition, your weakness, strength gone and your bereavement but I could not leave you the way you were. I held you in My arms, bringing you close to My heart, and could not allow you to pass. For you carry My Name, you have fought the good fight. I will revive your soul and give you the will to live. In compassion I imparted strength, breathing My breath into yours and said, “Live!”. I beheld your mortal wound, but I said, “Live, thrive, arise from death, your time is not yet. Arise in the strength of My love and feel life coming into your veins from Almighty’s hand. Let My Breath be by which you live and arise!”.

My bride know My heart yearns for your arising. Do not remain in the dust (of defeat), for I say your enemy will bow before Me. A giant stands at your door and the battle ahead enlarges with great force and tenacity. No man will stand against this Goliath in the arm of his flesh. For men of fierce countenance will invade the territories of the naive and innocent. The mere sight of ungodly men invading your shores depriving life and capturing a land that is not theirs, will grip and terrorize your soul, ripping strength from your heart.

You must see this war from the eyes of your Savior. Foreign troops on a mass scale will overrun this nation, ending life. It is not My intent to completely destroy this country. Not every place will be touched by evil. Not every man will fall to his death. Destruction will come, your nation will be struck down to its knees but I say, I AM is not finished with United States of America.

I have called you—- for out of the ashes of defeat, I AM is arising like a Lion who roars against His enemies. The Angel of the Lord sent with good news, the God of the nation’s says, “Enough!”. The days of terror will no longer hold you captive. The Almighty arises in your midst with Strength to send your enemies fleeing!

The world will hear from distant shores a nation at the point of death has captured the heart of their God. I will not allow the foreigners to wipe out a nation under Heaven’s eye. For a Greater Goliath arises in the storm to bring another judgment in behalf of this nation.

For whom are the sheep nations I preserve and carry into the Millennium cleansed from the stain that brought their downfall to serve the Almighty in the days to come?

Divide the goat nations on My left, separate My sheep to my right. Judgment of the nation’s cleansing the reside of filth and sin, purifying the dross. I judge in righteousness and justice. I have My way in the storm. See your Savior preserving you in the midst. But also see the Judge counting those nations on His right, saving this nation from total defeat.

Look to the cloth from whence you were cut. Liberty for all men, prosperity in the Lords’ hand and Justice established under the rule of My law.

See the heart of your God, a Mighty Savior arising in your midst defeating the enemies hand. Feel My heartbeat, receive My breath and “Live” United State!

Matthew 25:31

31 When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will place the sheep on His right and the goats on His left.




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