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A Warning To The Fearful And Unbelieving

Oct 6, 2019, 2:36 AM

I recently watched a video put out by You Tuber prophetess Kerry-Ann Gidden on NOT being fearful and unbelieving in these last days. (See ‘You Must Not Fear The Things Coming Upon The Earth‘ posted 9.30.19). To sum it up, Kerry Ann Gidden pointed to the book of Revelation which says that the fearful and unbelieving would be the first to be cast into the lake of fire and that, in a word from the Lord, God wanted to let His children know that He did NOT want them to walk in fear.

This evening I was watching a You Tube video by Linda Courtney, another messenger of God. (See ‘Coming Attacks on America‘ posted 10.2.19). This video basically talked about the coming destruction of America and the hard things we would be dealing with. When I got close to the end of watching the video, Linda Courtney referred to Kerry-Ann Gidden’s You Tube video on NOT being fearful that I had watched prior. Ms. Courtney noted the more afraid we christians are, the happier the enemy becomes. She also shared how frightening Revelation 21:8 was for her because she tended to be a little on the fearful side.

Linda Courtney then went on to share a recent movie about a christian who started to be fearful and then Jesus appeared to this person and said “no no no, keep your eyes on me, keep your eyes on me”. When she said the words I felt like Jesus was talking to me and all of a sudden I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and started to cry. As I sat there crying, on the video I heard Linda Courtney say ” oh wow, oh wow,” and then she said she felt the Holy Spirit come upon her, encouraging her saying “you can do it, you can do it, you can be brave, you can be courageous, you can do it My children…”
I encourage all of God’s children and even those who don’t know Him to take a look at these two videos. I believe in these last days the Holy Spirit is wanting us to understand the importance of walking fearlessly before the enemy. As a side note I was going to send this post off tomorrow, but I came across the name KERRY soon after writing this down, so I believe the Holy Spirit wants this message to get out as soon as possible.


Scripture Revelation:

Rev 21:8. 8 But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

Acts 2:25-26. 25 For David says concerning Him: I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken. 26 Therefore my heart rejoiced, and my tongue was glad; Moreover my flesh also will rest in hope.

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  1. Nettie

    I watched the same video and asked God, but how can He just throw us into the Lake of Fire for having a normal human response to terrifying prophecies? I live in a violent country, and the fear is a constant companion here. Without it, you WILL become a target, which is why tourists are free game here. They don’t fear, so they are easy targets. We fear. We don’t drive at night or go out, because we’re scared. We fear being mugged, so we clutch our bags. We fear hi-jacking, so we have a list of ways of how to act when nearing a red robot. We fear break-ins, so many sleep with a gun closeby, we have numerous gates and high walls and beams and cameras and alarms and and and. I can go on and on. Fear keeps you alive in this country.

    So I asked God how could He give us the instinct to fear, which keeps us safe, and then tell us NOT to fear.

    And He answered me by taking me to MY translation of the Bible (NOT English). And directly translated from mine into English, Revelation 21:8 reads:

    But those who became fearful AND unfaithful, the licentious, murderes and indecent, cheaters, and idol worshippers and all the liers, their lot is the pool of fire….”

    God showed me that the AND in my translation is important. Its those who became fearful and THEN turned away from Him, becoming unfaithful, that will be thrown into the lake. Not because you showed human emotion and instinct that caused you to fear, panick or feel terror. Yes, we should always try not to fear, and not walk in fear, always taking it to the Father instead of dealing with it ourselves. But He will not throw us into the lake just for feeling fear. Its when fear cause you to turn away from Him, that you need to wake up and realise you’re handling it unwisely.

  2. Matthew

    Well said Nettie. In your country – and in the whole world in the days ahead – it must be reassuring to know that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father’s permission (Matthew 10:29).

  3. Sara L

    It might be a few pages back and I’m not sure how to link it but HOLY SPIRIT led me to share a few Words I received in prayer about fear and standing in HIM and HIS power.
    If some of HIS children only knew the authority they had in YESHUA’S mighty name, there would be no reason for all this fear.
    Our Father in Heaven controls ALL.

  4. Dear Nettie, I looked in my German Bible and in a translation of the Hebrew language and there is the word different: not the fearful but the cowardly, is written. It’s a big difference.
    There are times when everybody feels fear. We are human. But when fear is permanently, I think something is wrong. Even if I live in Europe, everyday I bind the spirits, who want to attack me and my family. I break every curse, every false prayer, etc. above us…I do that everyday. There is power in the Blood and in the Name of Jesus Christ. Fear is a spirit and you can bind it every day until it loose his power above you.
    The Martyrs of the first days stood before lions in stadions but they were singing before dying. I wish myself and all of us this courage and God will give us this courage, if we stay faithful.
    Take the sword of the Spirit in your Hand and fight for yourself, your family, your country.

  5. Nettie

    Catherine, the point was not the specific wording, but that God wanted us to know and understand its not that because you felt human fear before a real life enemy in your human body that will land you up in the lake of fire. Think anout it, God throwing His little, most beloved children into eternal damnation because they got scared, as little children do? He showed me its when the fear cause you to turn AWAY from Him. Towards alcohol, gambling, friends, drugs, whatever takes the fear away, or join up with the evil ones thinking they would protect you, or like getting the mark of the beast because then you have to fear nothing, thinking you will live forever…. Thats what will get you thrown into the lake of fire.

    And until you live my life, in my country, and walk a mile in this type of life, please don’t think you have the right to judge and advise. Believe me, once you in Europe will experience what we have for 20 years now, and it IS coming to your countries, then only can you advise someone. You have NO clue how it feels, raising daughters in a vountry where its almost certain they will be raped. They’re more likely to be raped than to be taught to read. We are threatened DAILY. Just today, a person told me they are coming for us soon, and our blood will flow read and they will become alive. You know how that feels? Then you can advice me. Until then, rather be supportive than judgemental..

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