Gene Anderson

I was asleep one night some six years ago (from 1997) when I awoke in the middle of the night. I got up and looked down and my wife was lying by side but there I was too. I can only say I was fully conscious, wide awake yet looking at my self in my bed.

I walked out side and stood about fifty feet out in the pasture, in front of my home. I looked back and a man with a long beard looked at me, yet we said nothing to each other. I turned from looking at him and I gazed up into the night sky.

At that moment the whole sky from one end of the horizon to the other became like a big drive-in movie screen; in color.

This is what I saw:

A man who looked mideastern was standing in a uniform. The uniform looked like a Russian officer yet he was definitely mideastern.

Bubbles were rising around him and I surmised he was under water. (a submarine?) The sky then turned back to night, and then another scene appeared.

The sky was daytime and all of a sudden hundreds of jet streams went across the sky, people came out of there house crying and screaming for there worst nightmare had actually come to pass. They were missiles going to the major cities.

At this I awoke from the vision and in the flesh I went out side, awake in the body and kneeled down in the same spot where I saw this vision and began to weep for what seemed like hours. I went into the house, pleading with God, and I opened my Bible, to the page and chapter of Revelation 18. I felt a surge that I would call a ‘witness’ that God was speaking to me.

Who rules over the kings of the earth; we do(the USA). Who has all the abundance of delicacies; we do. Who says were all gonna be raptured ‘out of here’ and we will see no sorrow, we do. I believe with out a doubt that God showed me the USA will be destroyed in one hour and then the sun shall be darkened… ship masters shall stand afar of for fear of her torment. Yes God is going to judge us and it may be any day.

I had this vision before the fall of the USSR and now more than ever, despite what the President tells us, a nuclear war is our biggest threat we have today as a nation. Before I had that dream never asked or thought about end times yet I feel strongly were are at the hour.

I wrestled with it each day. What was I to do? What could I do? I wondered, Was I deceived? Could it be the enemy? What was going on? I would share my vision with everyone I came in contact with. I wrote 300 letters to every church within a hundred miles warning of the judgment to come.

Two years later, after settling down and serving the Lord in many different ways over time, I was on my way home one day, very excited to have the house to myself. My wife was in Los Angeles. I would praise the Lord and thank Him for the wonderful life He had given me without any interruptions.

I was on my knees playing my guitar praising Jesus when the power of God came in the house. I began to shake and I felt that surge I felt before only this time it was in three specific areas of my body. My foot, my knee, and my hip. It was like rushing water. Days later I realized I had been healed from three chronic illnesses. I was not asking to be healed I was just thanking God for life. A large bone spur on my heal was gone; A chip in my knee I was to have surgically removed was gone and my constant sore hip was all gone!

While I sat in the chair, basically blown away, I heard a voice clearly say,” Isaiah 10″. I turned and picked up my bible and opened it to the exact verse. Don’t let anyone tell you God does not open the Book to the verse He wants to say to you, He has the power!!!

I began to read, Oh Assyrian …. I will send him against an hypocritical nation, Oh God, I yelled why are you doing this to me. I cried.

This is my testimony and I believe the USA is the great whore. The beast shall hate the whore and shall burn her utterly with fire. In one hour the great city shall come to naught. I do not debate eschatology. I’m just sharing my testimony. Take it to the Lord is all I can say. I do not know what anyone can do.

I have come to the conclusion the best thing I can do is daily lead everyone I can to the love of Jesus, that is my most fruitful and biblical response I can have to please the one who gave Himself for me. In Love In Jesus Name

Brother Gene

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