A Town Under Attack – Only a Grain of Sand


A Town Under Attack

July 11, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

The small town I live in has just gone through a satanic attack. Many stood together and stood up against the attack and it has subsided for the moment. A beach bar wanted to open a retail cannabis store. Another small town in the same area is in the process of opening a cannabis retail store door already. They have been approved by the town council and are soon to sell to the public. This community that I live in is mainly a Christian family oriented town. The owners of the beach bar were candid about developing cannabis tourism, targeting high-end customers from Europe to travel to us for a dope vacation.

For the moment the licensing process has been voted down at the municipal level, but marijuana is legal in our country. The Lord has revealed to me this is a Trojan Horse, with an agenda to develop this operation, even further in an attempt to destroy the families and youth of our area. Do not give-up fight the destruction of our civilization and the attempt to nullify Christian values. Only God can Help Us! Now is the time to get off the couch and get prayer active/pro-active. We may not be able to stop all that is coming but we can mitigate some with prayer and action NOW!


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