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A Time For Mourning…Trump’s tie is cut – Rose Sharon


A Time For Mourning…Trump’s tie is cut

July 5, 2020 6:05 PM
Rose Sharon

I’ve been avoiding this all day. A great sense of quiet, almost like mourning and heavy sadness has been felt in my spirit all day long over this dream. I don’t know if it was a warning that can be prayed away (That wasn’t my sense, but who am I to say?) or if it was a warning of what is sure to come and will not be changed. Either way, I will be obedient to share. Last night (July4/5th) I had a dream. My husband and I were in a stall of sorts. It seemed there were many of these, almost like horse stalls, but I could only see where we were. 2 men came up to us that I had never met before. Both were interested in prophetic dreams and such, and I understood that one of the men had as his full-time job/ ministry a program on TV where he compiled different prophetic visions and shared them with the Body of Christ at large. He had somehow heard of me and came to ask about any prophetic dreams the Lord had given.

I began to tell him about a dream I had just had (Now please understand that I have never actually had this dream in real life; so I guess it would fall under the category of a dream within a dream. These are very rare with me, but whenever I have had a dream within a dream, it has always been very significant.) Anyway, I began to tell these 2 men about a dream that I had just had and as I was telling them about this dream, I was recalling the pictorial memories of the dream in real-time within the dream. I hope this is coming across clearly. I’ve never experienced such a phenomenon in a dream before.

I told them that I dreamt my husband and I were in a bathroom and Donald Trump was also there. I saw the picture of this ‘past’ dream in my mind and saw Trump in the bathtub that was half-filled with clean soapy/ bubbly water. He had his suit and tie on, fully dressed. Then all of a sudden, I saw a hand, a man’s hand, come into the view with a pair of scissors and cut off Donald Trump’s tie. Quick as could be, it was done. The tie was cut off about 2 inches below the knot. The tie was not his typical pure red tie that he likes to wear, but one made of many colors, it was beautiful and stripped.

I told the 2 men that this dream was not as clear and detailed as many of the other dreams the Lord has given me over the years. The gentleman asked me to share more with him and so I shared the first prophetic dream the Lord ever gave me, the one that ‘kicked-off’ His speaking to me in this way. Almost 20 years ago, I dreamed that I was talking with a woman in some unknown place/ or space. I only saw light blue around us. This woman looked to be in her early 30’s, had a very particular haircut (just past the shoulders, with feathered sides and bangs), her hair was very light brown (almost blonde), and she wore a long white robe. Also, strangely, she looked a lot like my mom. Not only did she look like Mom, but something about her reminded me of Mom, too. I had no idea why. Her robe was very white and she was kind of ‘glowy’. She looked like she belonged in Heaven, in fact. The woman had no wings, I knew she was not an angel, but she just looked like she lived in Heaven.

Anyway, this woman and I stood there talking. Rather I should say she stood there talking, because the entire time she was speaking to me I was quiet. I could not even listen or focus on a word she said. I heard her voice, but for some reason I was completely preoccupied in discovering her name. Something made me to know in the dream that it was of upmost importance that I find out this woman’s name. It was like life and death importance, almost. So the entire time this lady was talking, all I could think about was when a pause would come in our conversation so I could ask her this very important question and catch her name. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt, so I was desperately trying to wait for her to take a breath. But she kept talking for some time. And I kept not listening; only waiting for my chance to speak. Finally, she stopped, but then also immediately turned to go and leave. Now I was totally unconcerned for manners or being seen as rude, so I literally yelled and called out to her, “WHAT IS YOUR NAAAME!?!?” She stopped and paused for a moment. She then slowly turned around and simply said, “Sarah”. That was the end.

This dream confused me. I had always been a vivid dreamer, but this one ‘felt’ different. I didn’t know why. It was so clear, so detailed, so real- so different in an unexplainable way. But why? Sarah is such an ordinary name; why would her name being Sarah be important after all? It could just as well have been Jennifer or Laura or Ann. Why was Sarah important? I had no idea, but the next time I visited my mother’s house, I brought it up. I said, “Oh yeah, Mom, I had this interesting dream I’ve been meaning to tell you about.” Mom and I were sitting in her living room. I was on the couch and my mom was on her green sliding rocking chair working on some craft or other. My mom is in Heaven now herself, but when she was alive on the earth, she loved to do all kinds of crafts. So here she was, working steadily on this craft project, but not really paying too much attention to the dream I was recounting. I went over the whole thing, how this woman looked, all the details, how she looked like her even, and also how super important it was, for some reason, for me to catch this woman’s name. I told my mom that I had waited and waited to ask this all important question, almost like life and death, so important it was for me to discover this woman’s name. For the first time, Mom kind of peeped her head up and asked inquisitively, “Well, what was her name?” I answered, “Sarah.”

My mom gasped loudly and became as white as a sheet. What was going on? Suddenly the entire atmosphere changed in the living room and it became weird. Shocked and surprised my mom said, “I never told you!! I never told anyone!!”. This really took me aback because my mom was one of the most open and honest people I had ever known and we were best friends- she shared everything with me. She began to explain and my world began to get rocked. My mom told me that when she was young, before she was born-again, that she got pregnant outside of wedlock and had an abortion. What??? My mom was the most pro-life person I had ever met, and SHE had an abortion??? I felt like explosions of shock were going off in my mind. Not only was the discovery of this a shock, but perhaps as jolting was the fact that I had not known this all these years. But I wouldn’t have any time to process, because Mom began to tell the whole story from beginning to end.

She said that although she was not a Christian at the time, she always knew God was real and she also knew that having the abortion was wrong. She told me she just determined to put it behind her and keep it hidden away forever, the secret of her life. But years later she accepted Jesus and one of the first things she did was to ask God to forgive her for aborting her child. Mom’s life changed instantly after getting saved. I tell people that Mom’s conversion was like a ‘Saul to Paul’ story. She ate up the Word of God and matured quickly into a very strong woman of faith and conviction. Besides the Holy Spirit, she was the greatest teacher I ever had. Years after she married my dad and got saved, Mom went to a Christian Woman’s Conference. You know, the kind of one where the ladies stay in a hotel for the week and go to multiple meetings/ sessions in groups each day to learn and share? So at one these sessions, Mom felt led to share her abortion story with her small group of women. The ladies listened compassionately and then the leader of the group asked Mom is she knew whether her baby had been a boy or a girl. Mom said the doctor never told her, but she always knew in her heart that her baby had been a girl. The leader went on to explain that women whether a woman loses a baby through a willful act, such as abortion, or whether she loses her child through a miscarriage, that it is often healing to name the baby. This helps the woman to understand that her baby did not disappear or go away into nothingness somewhere, but that her baby was a living soul and a person, no matter how young. The Lord God takes these babies to Heaven. A woman may not want her child, but the Father certainly does and He cares for them in Glory where no pain or sadness can dwell. Mom had never thought of naming her baby before, but now it seemed a very good thing. So she thought it over a few days and decided to name her baby “Sarah”.

Now Mom was very much interested in my dream! The craft that put down on the floor and she was asking questions a mile a minute:
Mom: “How old did you say she looked?”
Me: “She looked to be about 32.”
Mom: “That’s exactly how old she would have been if she would have grown up here on earth!”
Mom: “What did you say she looked like again?”
Me: “She looked like you! Way more than us 3 kids. Her hair was even cut the same way you had your hair styled when you were in your early 30’s. Even her hair texture was the same, fine just like yours, except her hair was much more blonde than your medium brown color.”
Mom: “That’s because her father had naturally bleach-blonde looking hair”

This went on and on; Mom wanted me to account again and again every single little detail I remembered. My own mind swirled and swirled with questions and thoughts I had never considered before. I had always been pro-life, but this sure sealed that in stone. I had never thought of what happened to miscarried babies or aborted babies before. Why hadn’t I ever given that any thought? I guess I had my answer now!. They grow up in Heaven. Do they grow up on the same time scale they would have on earth? That seemed to be what the dream had showed me, but was that just so we could know with confirmation that the dream was true and from the Lord? Why did the Lord let me see my sister, anyway? I have a sister! I have a big sister! I always wanted another sister! I guess this means I am the first persona in our family who got to meet her! What an honor! I wish I had known that she was my sister in the dream, because I would have hugged her! And what was she saying to me, after all. I hadn’t listened to a word of hers. What was she telling me? And why did God let me meet her? Why did He show me all of this in my dream? I guess this means God can still speak to people in dreams. I never thought of that before.

All these and more would take days and weeks to ponder. What I didn’t know then, I do know now. The Lord gave me this 1st prophetic dream, so clearly and unquestionably confirmed, to show me that He can and does speak to His people and reveal unknown things in dreams. He gave me this experience because of the calling He put on my life; prophetic dreams were to be a major way the Lord chose to communicate with me so that I could serve Him as He saw fit.

So as I stood there in the dream with these 2 men, and recounted a dream within a dream regarding President Donald Trump, I afterward shared with them the first amazing prophetic dream the Lord ever gave me to show that He can and still does speak through dreams. Then the dream shifted from the stall that my husband and I were in with the 2 men. My husband and I were now in a kitchen; he was cooking and I was still recounting the abortion dream as a cell phone lay on the counter next to me. My husband, who is from India, had called an Indian friend of his to hear this testimony and these dreams, and the man was listening via speakerphone. As I was finishing telling him all these things, I asked him if he had gotten all of it. I could hear him clamoring to get back on speakerphone, as if he had muted himself on his end and he stuttered to answer me. I asked what was the last part that he had heard and he could not tell me. He had not paid attention to any of it. The dream ended.

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