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A testimony/revelation to share with my brethren… – Terri Hennessey

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A testimony/revelation to share with my brethren…

January 27, 2023 10:43 PM
Terri Hennessey

As I was worshipping the Lord this evening, listening to worship songs and singing to Him from my heart, I felt him lifting my spirit up to Him. I even saw us dancing together to the songs. I watched in awe as the King of all Kings danced with Me; a nobody; undeserving of such attention and affection.

For days now, I had been feeling like something was coming for me…

After worship, while just quietly lingering in that sweet place with Him, I began hearing His voice and then began writing the personal word He gave to me which I will also share in this message, as well, immediately after, the short word He asked me to post and share with His Bride, I asked Him…how is it Lord that you have millions upon millions who love you and yet you ask me to stay here with you. How big is His heart? How great, how deep is His love for each and every single one of us ? That my time with Him meant so much to Him…and then boom 🤯, it hit me like a ton of bricks…all the times I have sat and made time for Him where I would put all other things away and focus on Him were well and good but then when I was finished worshipping Him, I would put Him away. I suddenly realized, all this time, I have been treating Him like an object or like some never-ending book that I would pick up, get my fill and then put back on a shelf till next time. Though I speak to the Lord throughout my day and try and pray without ceasing, I felt awful that I was doing this to Him, our God, so very real and whose voice I hear. I repented, but also I realized, rather the revelation I received was that where my breakthrough is, is in that place. That secret place. That place of just Him and I. I asked Him…but Lord how do I stay here…How can I keep you alive and present every moment? How can I keep from treating Him like an object that I pick up and put back down every day. He told me…that the more time I spend there with Him…more often and for longer periods, the less the flesh/world will tug at me and that at some point, I will long to spend every waking spare moment there with Him. He told Me the keys I’m looking for that will open the door to my next level are in that place and that the more time I spend there, the easier it will be to find those keys…

I’m sharing this in the event there are any out there that are still struggling to find that breakthrough they’re searching for. I’ve come to realize that it’s not just going to come and find you, (the breakthrough I mean) but what will come and find you is revelation and understanding through intimate time spent with our King of glory. He’s our Beloved. He’s our cherished spouse and when I thought about how I would treat a natural (earthly) spouse, I realized that I certainly wouldn’t treat him like that. We would never treat our spouse like that and yet I’ve been treating My heavenly spouse that way all this time. I don’t know about anyone else and whether they still have obstacles in their path but I know I do, and I have just realized the answer to overcoming them is through worshipping the Lord and then lingering there; staying in that sweet place for as long and as often as I possibly can. While I was there, I didn’t want to come away from Him. It wasn’t until I felt a release from my time with Him that I noticed my flesh tugging at me… my flesh…how I wish I could cut it out of me.

Here’s the word He gave me just minutes before sending the short word He asked me to share with His Bride. I pray this helps someone as it did for me.
God Bless you 🙏🏻

Jan 27th, 2023

Daughter, write down these words,

Let the river of life flow through you. Let it last. Let it seep, deep deep down. For deep down is where it is dry. Let it absorb, the lifeblood that flows from Me to you. It brings healing. It brings upliftment. It brings encouragement, it brings enlightenment. It will bring you your next open door and new level. Let it stay, don’t push it away. Let it linger for as long as you can, for there is healing, deliverance, sanctification, newness of life. My precious child, stay here with Me. Don’t go. Stay and enjoy the peaceful state. Don’t go back into the swamp. Stay with Me near the beautiful brook we created together. This is our sweet place. A place of rest. A place of sanctity and serenity. I long for you to stay. Don’t touch what’s in the world. Don’t let it defile, don’t let it do what it’s designed to do, which is to keep you from Me. Hold on to Me. Stay here as long as you can and the more often you do this, the longer you stay, the less hold the cares of the world will have on you. This place is where it all happens. All you long for to change, this is where you will find the keys for that door that opens, and behind the door is the change you long for. Come here to this place more and more and you will find what you’re looking for. I promise you. Be at peace My beloved, I have you, forever.
Holy Spirit

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