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A Superwave Plows Inland Up the Savannah River –  Anno.Domini.144K


A Superwave Plows Inland Up the Savannah River

February 22, 2021 1:06 PM

July 19, 2018

In a dream vision I was taken to inland Georgia, to where the city of Augusta meets Columbia, South Carolina, at the Savannah River. A woman was driving south on a highway along the ridge above Augusta when suddenly she saw something that made her want to stop her car, turn around, and race in the opposite direction. Along the Eastern horizon, a long dark cloud bank stretched hundreds of miles, hovering so close to the land that it appeared on the land. Within seconds she realized the cloud bank was a giant towering wave that had surged a hundred miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, plowing in a V-shape form up the Savannah River. Behind the tip of the V, walls of sea water covered the land on each side, flooding and burying all of the coastal plain of Georgia and South Carolina in only a few minutes.

God the Father warns the Southern Atlantic states of a great tsunami to come. This area of the North American plate will also sink in the general tectonic plate shifting to be experienced by the entire planet. The ocean’s rise and the flooding of much of America’s southern coastal plain—particularly the area to the east of the “Fall Line”—will be permanent. Temporary safety lies high on the Appalachian plateau and mountains. Holy Spirit revealed to me that this mountainous region, extending north to south, will one day be called the “Highway of Life”. But eternal safety lies in the welcoming arms of Jesus.


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