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A Strong Word: Rebukes But Courage To Conquer!

July 24, 2022 9:47 AM

July 24, 2022

God made Adam & Eve.
God made Adam first.
God made Eve second.
God is not a respecter of persons.
Adam was to love Eve as his own body, but was spiritual and physical head of the household. That was God’s plan. The evil one decided to do a role reversal!

They were watched by satan for seven years, before he decided to make his move to entrap Eve first. For the snake king had seen something in Eve, over that time period: a quest for independence and a proclivity to pride. The evil one decided to use these two things to destroy them both. Eve is the first human rebel and the first Feminist, for she did not consult the head of the household, if she should take what turned out to be ruinous bait. Eve was the second one after satan to say, “I will not serve!”

Now We Come To The End Times!
And we see a role reversal of fortunes! Again!
Where are the spiritual men of God?
Oh yes, My Children I AM sees many manly men.
But also many effeminate men, may men of the world, the flesh & the devil.
But where are the strong men of God?
I AM has had to turn to the women of God, the Deborah’s, from My Book of the Old Testament, Judges (see Chapters 4 & 5).


I AM Is Not A Feminist!

This word is not an attack on men! You women have fallen down in this generation also. You wear your hair short to the skull, like a man. When My Word says “Your glory is in your hair.” You dress in man drag and walk like a man. You want to destroy “The Double Standard” and end up destroying your eternal souls. You play the prostitute, with every handsome male that catches your bold eyes: Wink, Wink! Many follow the occult, idolatry, or have fallen to the spirit of Jezebel. And most heinous in My Eyes is your so-called “Rights” over your own body in destroying it’s fruits, in Abortion, which is murder in My Eyes.


Of all of the the women of this generation, there are more prayer warriors than of the men. There are more intercessors for their families, neighbors, friends. There is more forgiveness for their enemies. There is more women in Church Congregations who actually attend service or liturgy, than men. There is more humility in women than men. For the evil one has convinced the men of this generation, to be humble is to be weak, effeminate, de-masculated. You fools! You will see at the Warning Experience, Illumination of Conscience, or before if you pass this world; The Truth. Be Ready! Repent Or Die The Eternal Death! Men & Women Stand Up!

So now, you women Look-Up and take the Sword of the Spirit and come out swinging and take control of all of the territory satan has stolen from you and your families, your friends, your towns & cities, your states and countries! I AM with you! Be Strong!

Perchance the men will wake-up and “smell the coffee,” you have brewed in your hearts, minds and spirits and get up off the couch and come to the party, standing up straight before its too late, to make change, to take back territory from satan in your marriages, your families, with your friends, your lives, your neighborhoods, your towns & cities, states, countries, the world!

The Clock Ticks! There Is Only A Hairs Breath Before I AM Lowers The Boom! And Cleans Up The Evil Mess You Have Made Individually & Collectively!


Note: The Lord had me yell out this formula. Shout it from the rooftops! Again!


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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