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A story about the power of prayer – Mena Lee Grebin

A story about the power of prayer

Mena Lee Grebin

Yesterday, I was invited by a couple to join them in a visit to an orphanage in the City of David, Panama (yes, that’s the name).

Upon arriving, my senses were overwhelmed with the sight of about 20 babies, all under the age of 2 years, roaming about in this large room, and watching about a half a dozen caretakers scurrying about with diapers, bottles, cups of milk, and toys in their hands, trying to maintain the chaos of these tiny souls encapsulated in helpless bodies scooting, crawling, walking, and crying all at the same time.

We had to take off our shoes so that we wouldn’t defile the disinfectant floor that was recently washed with bleach. So I scanned the room and found a corner on the floor to sit.

I immediately began connecting with several babies. I would reached out my hand and wait for them to respond. One by one, they would look me in the eyes, waiting for their little spirits to connect, then, they would reach out their tiny little arms, giving me permission to take them.

I would hold them, rock them, stroke their faces and sing to them. I had several flashbacks to when my now adult children were still in my arms, never forgetting the analogy of their different cries; when they were hungry, or sleepy, or was just having a tantrum.

Sometime later a caretaker brought a child from the back of the facility (where the cribs were), and laid her down on a mat. She was having a full-blown tantrum, and they didn’t want her disrupting the sleep of the others. She was no more than 9 months old.

I watched as this child laid on that mat screaming, swinging, and kicking. A couple of people tried to console her, but to no avail.

The wife of the couple I was accompanying finally said, “Give her to Mena.”

She was then handed to me.

I took her, and began to rock her, but the child proceeded to scream, kick and even claw at me, all along while never opening her eyes. And I immediately knew it was an evil spirt.

So I began to whisper in her ear. I began taking authority over spirits associated with rejection, abandonment, anger, hurt, and all tormenting spirits. For a minute, she seemed to be calming down. But then I whispered, “Jesus Christ loves you.” And when I said that, the girl arched her back and let out such a terrible shrill that it caught the attention of several people. So I began speaking in tongues and then commanded that the tormenting spirit to leave her.

She calmed down, and opened her eyes to look at me. I got up off the floor with her in my arms and walked over towards an opened back door. The doorway was gated, but it looked off into a garden. The small child’s eyes were fixed on the scenery. I then began speaking to her spirit. I told her she was not alone, that she came to this earth with a purpose: to serve God, and that she will fulfill that purpose. I reminded her that Jesus had not forgotten her, and that she was precious in His sight and loved her very much.

She looked into my eyes, and I said, “Now, I’m going to sing to you.” And I began to sing, “Jesus loves me this I know…”

Once I was done, I looked at her again and said, “Now, you’re gonna go to sleep.” And I tapped my shoulder and told her to lay her head there, and she immediately did so.

I stood at the door and rocked her while singing a lullaby I sang to each of my own children when they were small. And she fell asleep in my arms.

When the caretakers realized that I had gotten her to not only calm down, but to fall asleep, they were amazed….

….then they started handing me all the fussy ones that refused to settle down and sleep.😂

And one by one, the Spirit of the Lord gave them peace and put them to sleep.

I wanted to share this with you to remind us of the authority Christ has given us; to walk in His light, to manifest His love, and to tread upon and overcome the evil one.

Mena Lee Grebin

Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

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