A storm is coming upon this land (USA) – Transcript by Mena Lee Grebin

Transcript by Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Hi Saints, I am sharing a video that a sister I’ve communicated with recorded on Sunday (10/7), from a service at Jimmy Swaggart’s church. The Lord gives a powerful warning through interpretation of tongues that ties right in with what those who have “truly” heard what the Lord has been saying in this hour.

I wrote down what I could translate from the word. The lady recording plays it 3 times, so make sure you listen all the way through.

Here is the word…

The Creator saith unto thee, “A storm is coming upon this land (USA). And yea I say unto to you my children, you do not know that the storm comes.”

The Creator says, “Lift up thine heads for thy redemption draweth nigh.”

The Creator says unto you, “I have more patience for the planter….the fruit of the earth??? (not sure if this is correct).”

“Yea this storm shall cause men’s hearts to fail. But yea they shall run unto me, and I will use this ministry as a beacon of Hope, as a beacon of Light, to save men’s souls, saith the Lord.”

Please share this. The Lord is warning us. We are in the final hour.


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