A Storm Is Coming! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

A Storm Is Coming!

Monday, June 10, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello my dears!

Earlier in prayer, I got a word.
Actually, I’m not surprised at all,
because when I look at
what Bible passages I have received in the last few days:
Everyone pointed to it!

Also, it only takes a look at the situation in the Middle East!
Or Global!

Here’s the word:

MY child,
hear the word of the LORD, Lord!

Thus says the LORD:

The signs are on storm!

Be ready!
Be ready,
because in secret chambers it is
decided and now comes to implementation!

Storm is rising from the north!
Storm is coming!

Against MY country and against MY people!

Be warned!
Oh, be warned!

Short and yet fiercely
there will suddenly come upon you!

Children in the land of Israel are on guard!


On which you can escape
on the day of the bombs!
For not being discouraged
on the day of injustice against you!

Everything has to come like that!
Everything has to happen!

But you child,
go with firm faith
and with confidence
in MY strong hand!

The day comes!
The day is near!

Preparations completed!
Because you have been prepared
for this dawning time!

you knew it!
You knew it!

What becomes darkness to others
is for you
walk with ME , LIGHTNING DAY!


For now your salvation is near!



It all reminds me of visions about Israel.

I saw heavy activity in the sky …
barely countable military aircraft!
All flying in one direction.
And in the middle – a bomb!
Nuclear bomb?
Maybe I do not know!

I saw the Golan Heights.
Suddenly tanks came over the border …
Children and women ran and screamed.

Other visions have already been fulfilled.

The burning of the south by the incendiary bombs.
Hezbollah, which attacks Israel through its tunnels,
but remains unsuccessful.

So let us pray for Israel and its people!
Because we know,
it is attacked!
It will happen.

Lord, have mercy and mercy!

Jeremiah 12

You are right, Yahweh, if I wanted to quarrel with you! But to speak, I would like to ask you, why the doings of the wrongdoers succeed, why all who act faithless, remain unchallenged?

You implant them, they also root, they thrive, they also bear fruit: you are close to their speeches, but far from their inner selves!

3And Yahweh, know me, see through me, and tested my mind against you: tear them away like sheep for slaughter, and consecrate them to the day of choking.

4How long shall the land grieve and wither the plants all over the corridor? Whether the malice of the people living in it dwindles away animals and birds – because they say: He will not see the end that takes with us!

5When you walk with pedestrians, and they tire you, how are you going to race with them? – and do you only feel safe in a peaceful land? How are you doing in the thicket of the Jordan?

6And even your relatives and your family – even they are treacherous against you; they, too, have cried out to you at the top of your neck; Do not trust them if they speak kindly to you!

I have given away my house, cast out my property; What I love is I have given into the power of his enemies.

My property became like a lion in the forest for me: it made a roar against me, so I hate it!

9Is not my property like a colorful bird to me? Do not the birds already gather from all sides against it? Well! gather all the beasts of the field, let them come in to eat!

Countless shepherds have devastated my vineyard, trampled my property, made the property that was my desire a desolate drift.

11It has been made for desertism, it mourns before me; the whole country is devastated, because nobody cares.

12And all the barren heights in the Trift have come to ravages; for a sword has Yahweh, which eats from one end of the land to the other, there remains none of all creatures untouched.

13They sown wheat, but they harvested thorns; they have toiled to have no use of it, and so you shall be put to shame with your earnings through the wrath of Yahweh.

14Then says Yahweh – to all my wicked neighbors, who touched the property which I gave to my people Israel:

Surely I will tear them away from their soil, and I will tear the house of Judah out of their midst! 15Then, after I have carried her away, I will have mercy on her, and will bring her home, every man in his possession, and every man in his own land. 16

If they then get used to the ways of my people, that they swear by my name: as true as Yahweh lives! just as they have accustomed my people to swear by Baal, they are to be built in the midst of my people; 17If they do not hear, I will utterly tear and destroy the people of that nation – is the saying of Yahweh.

Shalom and Maranatha

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