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A Sad Time Is Coming

November 21, 2023 3:06 AM

Friday, October 20, 2023, at 10:47 a.m.

I had a dream in the early morning of this morning. 

In the dream, I watched as one of my loved ones, in the dream it was my brother, who was vaccinated, suddenly collapsed and then died not long afterward, blood all over his body.

In the dream I was crying and in pain, I felt the great pain of losing loved ones clearly.

Woke up with great peace inside, but repeatedly came out from the inside: a sad time is coming; and then repeatedly came out: the Marburg virus.

After I got up, I asked the Lord Jesus in prayer about this dream and what I had heard, then I heard the following (although the previous part was for me personally, but the entire message should be for every child of God):

Daughter, A sad time is coming when many, many people will watch their loved ones die and be powerless to do anything about it, just as you have seen in your dream. 

But you need not fear, you are under My mighty wings, in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of My Almighty, no evil, plague or pestilence can or will even come near you. You and your house, and all that belong to you, are under My complete protection.

My dear children, your time on this earth has not much left now, and is numbered. If you are not truly in Me, Jesus Christ, the Word come in the flesh, then you need to come now, you need to come to Me right now, to humble yourselves, to confess your sins, to turn away from your sins. Spend time with Me, read My Word and listen to My Voice.

Children, I Am is all that you need in these last hours. What is coming upon all the earth is beyond your comprehension and understanding with your human minds and imaginations; they are also something that your human heart will not be able to bear with.

Come to Me, let Me be your refuge, let Me be your strength, let Me be your comfort, let Me be your help in times of trouble. I long to protect the children who are Mine, I long to protect you as a hen protects her brood. But I need you to make your own choice as to whether or not you will come under My wings.

Come now, My beloved children, time is running out, really running out, every jot and tittle of My Word must be fulfilled. The time for this fulfillment is now, have you prepared yourselves already?

When My Holy Spirit made you aware of your sins, did you immediately confess them and sin no more? When you began the day I have given to you, was Me you think of first, Me was the first one that you come to? Or did you only think of yourselves, and of the things that belong to this world?

Do you have oil in your lamps? Do you take time each day to read My Word, to chew on it, and to put what you read into action in every moment of your day? Have you taken time each day to talk to Me and listen to what I say to you through My Holy Spirit?

O My children, if you have not done all that I have said, then you are not ready, not at all, you will not be able to stand in the plagues that are soon to come upon this world, you will easily be taken captive by the roaring lion, the enemy of your souls, who are prowling about the earth looking for someone to devour.

Come to Me now, do not hesitate, do not doubt, just trust Me. I created the heavens and the earth with My Word, and I sustain all that I have created with My Word; I Am God Almighty,  nothing is impossible for Me.

All I need is for you to come to Me, humble yourselves, turn away from all your sins, trust Me completely, and then I will protect you well; but I will only protect the children who are truly Mine. Do not delay, do not doubt, just believe!

My children, I have called to you over and over, I have warned you of impending danger again and again, you need to listen, you need to obey! Time is running out, in fact, time is up, there is no more time now.

Don’t hesitate to come now, I welcome you with open arms, waiting to take you into My arms and bring you into My kingdom.

I love you all!

Your Abba Father in heaven; your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Please take all to the LORD in prayer,

Shalom and blessings,
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