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A Red Dawn Invasion is Coming – Monique Bizet

A Red Dawn Invasion is Coming

September 27, 2020 10:41 PM
Monique Bizet

Dec 6, 2019

I felt urged by the Holy Spirit to share a vision that I had December 6, 2019.

I went to sleep and the Lord showed me in a vision a red dawn invasion. At first my focus was a gray war plane. The sky was ominous and gray.

As I saw the gray plane as real as I see palpable things around me in the natural. This impacted me because it was so real, the whole scene was so real. I saw the plane turn on its side as it was flying, and in the spirit I saw many men in parachutes being released from many war planes. I saw a Red Dawn Invasion upon America.

The red dawn invasion was a surprise attack on the USA with foreign troops and the nation was under siege.

Prior to December 2019, the Lord has revealed more than once other visions of a sudden red dawn invasion. I saw the war planes and the men in parachutes unleashed on the land.

Please take it to the Lord in prayer. I believe the Lord is warning us that something like a red dawn invasion is coming to the nation as a surprise attack to take the nation under siege.

In the past I’ve shared other prophetic dreams of Russia and China attacking this nation with nuclear war.

As the Lord has shown me that great war came when the nation was at her weakest and when there was civil unrest and chaos from within. I could see in a map Russia attacked first and then China. I could hear in the dream many agencies trying to deal with the national unrest during great confusion. I could hear the bombs falling. I could hear crying, screaming and weeping. And great devastation occurred.

We need to pray and intercede for this nation and for America to repent to the Almighty God and return to her first love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessings in Jesus Name!


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