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A Platform Is Set – Edward Umling

A Platform Is Set

January 6, 2022
Edward Umling

Auto Generated Transcript

why is the land being ruined
why are the fruitful pastures
being burned up
why is there no economic no more
economic stability among nations
because they have forsaken the law of
the lord
a world stage is being set
soon someone is to be elevated
there’s a stage taking place
to set up a platform
out of which a man will arise
it’s time for repentance and prepared
it’s time for self-denial and prayer
those who call themselves christians
those who say
they believe
should repent
fast and pray earnestly those who accept
the number of his name
will accept what this man says
a new page
written in history
somebody deceased coming alive
the year of the last trump
i am saying it is a man
soon to emerge
i see an image forming as it appears it
is that of a man
i’m looking at him standing
it’s night time
but the figure of that man is darker
than the surrounding darkness of night
that’s how i see him in a silhouette
against the night
i’m seeing that he is preparing to
the number of a man
behold the hour of trial
is this not the time of jacob’s trust
self-righteous and pious is that king
he knew not i departed until the kingdom
he held out the scepter but all could
there was no power for him to dwell gone
from heaven the light is quenched
see where he abides down in this man
will speak pleasing things
he will uphold truths the believer holds
to be sacred his mandates will require
complete allegiance
many will say he’s our he’s our
deliverer and thus the deception of the
latter will be worse than the first
and the words of knowledge with that are
when the allegiance shifts to a man the
restrainer is removed
chasing my sin and looking to conceal
who knows
and who can reveal
i see it now
i don’t stand and smile
i have the vocabulary which is in style
people greet me in my suit
little do they know i do not deal
i stand aside as they come
one by one i steal with pride
now i return with coat and tie
who will know it is i deadly wound
like to buy all
believed by all
trusted by all
condemns them all
a time of the end
go into hiding my people
you will see him merge back onto the
political scene in a series of steps
each successive step
creates greater security
the lord says a king
and a parade is coming onto the scene
with great fanfare
there are many people looking for him to
come back
there will be shouts of joy when these
words are spoken see
i told you so
the lord says
i cried danger
behold my name sing aloud shout for joy
i bring about
white robes
dancing and rejoicing
the treasured king eternal
lamb’s book of life being opened
behold my father’s house

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