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A PLASMA EVENT – Until That Glorious Day / geralt


February 26, 2021
Until That Glorious Day

Received February 26, 2021

About two weeks before the big Beirut explosion of last year, I had been asking the Lord what the next event would be and He told me, “The Big Boom” and gave me a vision of seeing fireworks (like at a 4th of July event) first a smallish firework, then another and then a pause…and then a big flash of light—the way a dud goes off—and a big boom.

Lately, I have been in the same waiting mode and asking the Lord again. I feel that the Rapture and then destruction immediately following is soon. I have been searching asteroids and wondering about March 6th or Passover, but not sure and I then got this today:

“Yes, the next event is “The Great Shock” .
An event terrifying to the LEFT BEHIND.
You hold your breath now for what is to come. You feel it. For those LEFT BEHIND: a GREAT SHOCK. A physical, mental, spiritual, and Cosmic shock that will stun the whole World. It will steal their breath and stun the hearts for I have been bringing judgment in part, to wake up the people, but they want to sleep on. They do not ask, “Why is this happening? What must I do to be saved?” This event will JOLT them. They will be like ghosts—beyond their ability to absorb it.

Yes, a PLASMA event—electrical—as I display that I am King of all the Cosmos! King of all Creation! I will show my power from the heavens and rupture the earth. I will cause such shock that everyone will suddenly jolt awake to the hour of Judgment. They will realize they have misjudged Me.

To My Church: do not fear! Stand up! Look up! I am coming on the Clouds! Listen for my trumpet! Be at the Ready!



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