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Hand with boils, from An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, by Edward Jenner, 1798. The Wellcome Library, London. 

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September 14, 2020 12:39 AM

Hello everyone.

This is a confirmation of McKana’s recent post (The next pandemics)

Although what I saw was brief and I didn’t share it before, I’ve been compelled to share it non the less for people to believe these warnings are from God.

I was shown a new sickness in a dream probably in the month of June/July. It caused people to have big boils on their body. I remember being at a residential house somewhere and there was a group of people standing outside like something bad had happened. God directed my attention to someone’s hand which had big boils the size of a coin. And the way it played out before my eyes was something like a simple gif animation. The boils kept popping up and disappearing a few times as I looked. And there on the floor lying down at the front porch was a little boy maybe 8yrs old who had an uncommonly very hot temperature. He was curled up on the floor and shaking so I applied a wet towel on his head as I prayed in tongues over him and steam rose up as his very high fever went down. So after that the unexpected happened, the boy got up and grabbed my hand violently and begun to bite me like a zombie would, somehow I knew he wanted to infect me as well but nothing happened to me.

Now around the same time I had another dream in which a new plague broke out. In the dream I knew it was like ebola but much worse and it caused people to bleed out from there eyes ears nose etc. And I saw a large multitude of people and women with their babies waiting outside at a hospital and filling out patient cards.

End of account.

Indeed i testify that these warnings are truly God given and aren’t a construct of our imaginations. Please come to Jesus now!


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  1. McKana

    Dear AJ
    See! what you have seen is the same sickness like Sarah Menet. Two sickness, pandemic one with boils and the other Ebola like which is even worse.
    Many children of the Lord have seen the same thing.
    Your testimony is so preciouses, it is a clear unquestionable confirmation of what we have been seeing and hearing from the Lord.
    Bothe the pandemics are worse than Corona, killers and faster.

    We can’t thank you enough. The right testimony, at the right time
    Now, all is clear. Lockdown and the pain, the suffering and the death which follow. Added to the pain from the economy, we are for the End.
    Here on, the world doesn’t have an excuse.
    Be Prepared, Be Ready, stock up, we are for the end of all things.
    The world is going to be no more the same.

    Let the Lord count how many lives and souls you saved form man doesn’t have any way of knowing. Even one souls is big number.
    God bless you dear.

  2. Veli T

    Prophet Sundar Sadhu Selvaraj tells also something
    about next pandemic in youtube.
    He also tells something about this month if you google
    his name and 2020 september.

    Veli T

    From Finland

  3. M G

    What worrisome and depressing outlook … 😐

  4. KEN

    Bette Stevens on Youtube Channel A Servant’s Heart also talked about the boils.


  6. Catherine

    In March the Lord showed me that the Pest (Black Death) is coming. I read in Google, that the symptoms are the same as you wrote.
    In my Endtime letter, that I distribute now for 5 years I wrote that Epidemics will come and I wrote Ebola could become such Pandemic. I wanted some months ago to take it out but the Lord didn’t allow me.

  7. Arizona

    THESE PLAUGES,will scare the government and the people so badly,EVEN people with signs of the plauge will be placed in Black zip up bags and thrown into incinerators to be desposed of,and some of them will still be alive…READ PSALMS 91,and TRUST THE LORD TO PROTECT YOU,he will if you trust him to…

  8. Gideon

    What is very compelling to me about your word is that God recently re-confirmed that there will literally be a “zombie” outbreak but it won’t be like the walking dead but more like World War Z. It’s more like a human rabies type disease that is like a demonic possession component too. I know this sounds almost unbelievable but I really do believe God has confirmed this and also has done so again through your word. Psalm 91 we need this now more than ever.

  9. Marc

    If you have NOT PREPARED, in the physical here’s a short list….
    Dry Bean’s….
    Dry Jasmine rice…
    Velveeta box cheese….
    Bisquick mix…..
    Tang drink mix…
    The very basic emergency items.
    Yes I know spiritual growth in the lord, is the most important thing!!!!
    Still must have food for others…ok
    Amen Christ Jesus

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