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A microchip in my body

October 30, 2020 9:54 PM

I had this experience in the year 2001. This happened in the island of Puerto Rico. Since 1898, Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States.

When my youngest daughter was eighteen months old, while I was praying early in the morning I received a word from the Lord that I will be going through a hospital trial. I prayed intensively and asked the Lord to postpone it since I had children and a small baby. A time later I got sick and in this way I began to postpone a surgical intervention for three years. The first time the Lord told me not to do it, and the second time the surgeon forgot about this operation and didn’t arrived to the operations room. I took this as an admonition from the Holy Spirit to wait some more time.

The time came and I went to a different doctor who scheduled the operation. I have never heard before that when a person is under anesthesia that person can have dreams. So, I don’t know is this experience that I had under the effects of anesthesia was a dream or a vision. I don’t really know. I just know that I lived it, and later I heard about three additional testimonies. The persons are born again Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit, and told me that they had a similar experience. In my experience, while I was under the effects of the anesthesia, one doctor and a nurse came with a tiny metal object. It was so tiny that I couldn’t distinguish it. They grabbed me to introduce that tiny thing into my body, but I started fighting because somehow I knew it was bad. They won the fight and inserted it into my body. I began praying in tongues. Then I told them: “You inserted that thing to me, but I am filled with the Holy Spirit and it can’t remain inside my body.” And then I vomited that small object. They tried again, but they couldn’t do it.

When I recovered from the anesthesia I was transferred to the patient room. Then the other day in the afternoon a doctor came to see me. This was not my doctor, he was another doctor never seen before. He had his lab coat on and a notes pad in his hand. He looked at me and told me: “All the hospitals of this area belong to us. This was the only one remaining, but now belong to us.” When he turned around I saw a big tail, like a rat tail, sticking out of his rear.

I didn’t understand many things at that moment, but today when I see how the Lord is revealing a sinister agenda against humanity, I know that He protected me from something.

Brothers and Sisters, these are the times foretold by the Lord. We have to pray intensively before going to a hospital or to take a medicine.

In the love of our Lord Jesus Christ,



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