A Message To All Parents From Jesus; The Holy Innocents & Holy Innocence – Only A Grain Of Sand

A Two Part Message:
Part I: A Message To All Parents From Jesus
Part II: The Holy Innocents & Holy Innocence
April 8, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

Part I
I AM calling all you parents to examine yourselves now before I come to settle your accounts.
I AM wants you to look your children in the face.
Do you still see innocence?
Is their face open to you, in directness, honesty, and purity?
Do they still speak from the heart to you?
Yes Or No?
Do this for all your children individually.
If you have read this message, you have seen My Order to you.
Answer yourself, and take it in prayer to I AM.
Woe if you forget, disregard and or mock My Order.
Have you protected their innocence?
Have you protected their purity?
Have you protected their decency, covering their bodies, in public against the gaze of sexual deviates, who are satanic pedophilia predators?
Have you protected their minds from witchcraft toys, movies, video games filled with demons, wizards, witches, and evil looking monsters straight from hell?
Now, go to their bedrooms, their toys boxes, and computers, tech toys, books, clothes, and games.
If you find anything that can not be put before My Throne, or can not stand with My saints, or has any reflection of the evil one and his cabal;
I will hold all parents responsible for any evil attached inside or outside of their children’s lives, if by neglect, indifference or ignorance, you as parents, have allowed into the lives, your own flesh and blood; causing them to stumble or fall before My Justice, Judgment and Coming Wrath.
DO NOT DISMISS THIS LIGHTLY, Your Eyes Have Now Been Convicted!

Part II
King Herod sought to kill me as an Infant, out of fear and hate. He was satiated with his own power, pleasures and an adulterous lifestyle. All male children under the age of two years, were ordered to be killed by him. The soldiers combed the land and their mothers cries were heard in every city, town and village in the region of Bethlehem. Those frenzied wails of sorrow came to My Throne.

Your generation now wants to celebrate the murder of My sons and daughters, not only in the womb, but after they are have been born into the world, alive.

“…Rachal bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because, that are not.” Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 18 (partial)

But you O spawn of satan, would rather “take the dog for a walk”, as I told the prophet Julka, so many years ago. You plan vacations after you dismember your own flesh and blood, and sit in restaurants planning your future activities, with a seared conscience.

It Will Not Stand Any Longer!


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