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A Large Red Planet In The Sky – Julie Reiter


A Large Red Planet In The Sky

October 5, 2021 8:11 AM
Julie Reiter

I want to share a dream I had on 8/30/2021

There was a large red planet in the sky. It was so close and so large, it covered my view of 3/4 of the sky. It was not solid red, but had red splotches and deep craters, but not in perfect circles. It was also uneven and not a perfect ball.

I showed my mom the planet in the sky, and told her I had seen this in advance, in a dream. I had it written down in a journal and went to get the journal to show her I had written dream down before. The planet was named Europa. (After waking I looked this up, and it is one of Jupiter’s moons). Then I took my dad outside to look and my brother came out as well. I also showed them the journal and explained the Lord had shown me this in advance.

I told my family “they” were going to let us think we would hit it and be destroyed, but that was not true. Then it seemed like we actually did hit it, but I knew we would skim past it and the earth would not be destroyed. As we shook and the earth skidded along Europa, I could see houses on it and I said that makes no sense. I knew they were telling us it was like “another earth” but I knew that made no sense and was not true. As we crashed along it I told my family “they are making us think we will be destroyed, but it is NOT true!” I knew the earth would barely skim past it and we would be fine.

End of Dream

After this dream, I came across a video and in the comments another person had written about a planet dream. Then below them was yet another comment of a planet dream. This person shared a dream where they had seen a planet pass by and an earthquake occurred just as it passed. This would explain why in my dream, I knew we would just skim past it and not collide and be destroyed, but at the same time it seemed like we really did hit it. In my dream, I could feel the shaking as we supposedly crashed into Europa.

I am sharing this dream in advance so when this event occurs, you will know what we are told is not true, and the earth will not be destroyed. Also, it is not true Europa is like “another earth”.


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