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A Decree from Our Lord and God to Allow a Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike Upon Eastern Europe to Proceed as Given – JLM

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A Decree from Our Lord and God to Allow a Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike Upon Eastern Europe to Proceed as Given

October 16, 2023 9:19 AM


I personally received a word from our Lord and God that pertains to a number of recent posts from others on your site who have been given to
see a nuclear event occurring. These are good and valid dreams and visions in light of what I have known for some time now. As I have worked with various governments of this world on this particular topic for many years now. Back in 2012 is when a new nuclear threat appeared by way of an unauthorized transfer of nuclear weapons to a
number of countries. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and North Korea.

With this new revelation I received a vision of one of these countries making a pre-emptive nuclear strike upon Eastern Europe. Germany will receive three strikes and Belarus one. From the vision I received the contrails from these strikes traced back to Saudi Arabia.

However, North Korea was the first to have plans and designs to launch a pre-emptive strike on South Korea in 2013. They were forced to stand-down after a brief dust up. Then in 2014 Pakistan had a dust up with India, which they were forced to stand-down as well. Then in 2015 both Israel and Saudi Arabia were planning to launch a pre-emptive strike upon Iran. This issue was resolved with the
hastily prepared Iran Nuclear Deal which put both Israel and Saudia Arabia in check also.

However, later DJT cast this agreement aside, leaving the door open for what we are now facing in the Middle East. All this is ultra secret and under a penalty of death for revealing such closely guarded secrets. Needless to say, this results in this present state of world affairs without anyone of the general public knowing just what these
affairs are all about.

As we are now facing this pre-planned nuclear strike upon Europe, I received word from our Lord and God in the form of an official decree
for myself to stand-down and just allow these affairs to proceed as given. All without any of my personal involvement as I was personally
involved in all these past affairs. The reason given by our Lord and God was to open a door for their personal divine intervention. At first to establish world peace once again after these events come to
pass, and then to proceed to announce that the purging of the heavens and the earth of all unrighteousness is to begin as well.

I was also given to see my personal arrival in heaven as these events proceed. Giving myself full insight into my possible reward if I rightly follow this decree. It is most difficult to remain patient
with this type of knowledge. All I can do at present is to confirm the warning dreams and visions others are receiving. Pray that all will listen and make the proper preparation for our Lord and God’s
personal judgments to begin.

Again, with this soon coming pre-emptive strike upon Europe expect divine intervention by our Lord and God to establish peace once again. This will be followed by the announcement that the purging of the heavens and earth of all unrighteousness will begin. This starts with the heavens casting Satan and those of like mind and spirit to this earth. Then Mount Zion will appear due east of Jerusalem, all fit and furnished for the Wedding Supper of our Lamb of God, Christ Jesus. All wise virgins, the woman of Revelation 12, will be carried away on
the wings of a great eagle to this place prepared for her to be taken care of for the rest of the time of purging the earth of all unrighteousness. The foolish virgins, children will have to patiently
endure the process of purging the earth of all unrighteousness outside of Mount Zion. Those that remain till the end will join those from Mount Zion to establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon the whole world from Mount Zion.

One must purge oneself of all unrighteousness to be considered a wise virgin and able to attend the Wedding Supper of our Lamb of God. Yet there is redeeming hope for the foolish virgins who will remain outside Mount Zion whether in their personal life or death.

Thank you for all your personal time and efforts in and for the cause of Christ Jesus. Again, as all this present information is considered most highly classified, use this to be most prepared without revealing any of my personal info.

Love and Blessings Always!



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