A Call to Prayer for “The Last Reformation” – Immanuel Acree


A Call to Prayer for “The Last Reformation”

September 18, 2022 2:27 PM
Immanuel Acree

I have another older dream about The Last Reformation ministry that I want to share, and much I can say about the subject, but the Lord have me this dream last night and I find it so urgent that I must post it in summary form.

Please pray for these ministers as the founder Torben Sondergaard has been jailed for an indefinite and absurdly long time for absolutely no legitimate or legal reason other than arbitrary allegations. Here is the dream:

(Quick summary version)

I’m at a darkened facility of some kind, completely alone. Somehow this facility belongs to The Last Reformation. I am just watching something on YouTube that is dumb, worldly. Next thing that happens about 20 or more people show up in cars. They are dressed diversely. They come towards the door of which I am inside. So, I lock the door and speak to them from the glass. Yet they found an opening like a broken window or missing panel somewhere. So it was easy for them to come in. I ask them for who they are, what they are doing. The leader hands me an old, ripped envelope that says a Marine’s name on it, but he then claims to be from an Army unit. So clearly he knows nothing about the military and is lying to me. These people have come apparently to pillage. The last part of the dream is that I am reaching for my phone, trying to call people from the Last Reformation but I am also calling the police…

End of Dream 9/18/22

Immanuel Acree


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