A beautiful visitation from Jesus – Angela Whitworth

Angela Whitworth

April 8, 2018

A beautiful visitation from Jesus ……….

I have hesitated to post this bc it is a very personal visitation … but I share it to let you know that God Loves each and every one of us just this deep and just this individualistic. He knows exactly who you are and where you are and exactly what you need.

Sometimes for me it is when I least expect it is when the Lord Jesus will come and visit me.

It was after midnight the other night … closer to 1:00am as I laid down to rest.
I closed my eyes and immediately I went straight into the spirit realm. I was standing in a room and I saw great table there laden down with so much food that I was surprised at the amount of the provision there. I thought to myself … that’s enough food for at least a year or more and I knew it was all for me. Then I heard in the spirit a voice say “you shall have no lack”. I knew that I would have everything that I need in every area of my life.

When all of a sudden the room filled with the shekinah Glory cloud of God. Just then Jesus appeared and took me by the hand and began to dance in a waltz like way with me and we floated up into the air all the while in a type of spiral twirling. I felt such joy and excitement!
Then suddenly and softly the glory cloud turned into water … the atmosphere was all water and we were still dancing and twirling under the water! In mid-air!
I was thinking to myself “why don’t I drown”? Just as soon as I thought that I heard Jesus say … “No natural law of death can reign or operate in My Presence because I Am the Resurrection and the Life”!
I felt extreme joy at this knowledge! My mind was blown and thrilled at this truth!
I was breathing underwater!!! The only difference I could notice between air breathing and water breathing was that I breathed a little slower in water but I had no complications or distress breathing in any way.

And then suddenly the water changed back into the shekinah glory cloud. And I was air breathing again. We continued to dance in mid-air in a twirling style. And then we began to descend back to the ground. We descended and moved into a different room and to my amazement as I looked around the room I could see small animals in some type of tabletop enclosure. Some of these small animals were not known to be of the earth. I’ve never seen such a thing and they were contained in a wall-less container.
They were a 3 dimensional creature and had no fur. But the texture of their skin looked rough with some sharp edges.
I thought to myself that I’d like to pet one of them and the Lord immediately allowed me to pet one. As I petted this little creature I was totally amazed at how soft and very smooth the touch of this little creature was … bc it was covered in texture. I was stunned at this fact. And what amazed me the most was how very loving this little life was … you could tangibly feel the love emanating from this little life. The shape of it reminded me somewhat of a bear about the size of a new born puppy except it had no ears and it’s nose was longer and more pointed.
I put the little creature back in it’s invisible barrier. And I moved to the next table.

I saw fish that was inside of this invisible barrier. The water itself was the container.
I wondered if I could put my hand in the water without breaking the barrier or any water dripping out. So I reached into the water and petted the fish. I removed my hand without any water spilling out or any water remaining on my hand. I was thoroughly amazed at what Jesus was showing me. I don’t know why He showed me these things other than it really has not entered our hearts what the Lord has prepared for us.

Then again we moved into another room … It was out doors and I remembered that the roof was red. It was a beautiful round type of outside porch. The air temperature was perfect. We sat on some kind of high couch which was covered in a type of tan burlap … it looked so comfortable and I couldn’t wait to sit on it. I found myself totally relaxing while kind of sitting up and slightly leaning on my right side.
Then Jesus sat down beside me wrapping His arms of Love around me. I could feel Jesus cuddling me. I was turned on my side away from Him as He held me.

I had the overwhelming feeling of the love of my heavenly Father through Jesus. I felt just like a little girl wrapped up in her Daddy’s arms … just so safe and very loved. I felt the chin of Jesus on my left shoulder as He cuddle with me. He strengthened and encouraged me … all with just His Presence.
I glanced over my shoulder and I could see the hair of my Savior … it was brown with a wispy curl to it. Without turning to look at Him more I reached up with my left hand (as if to put it under the back of my head) but I reached up and I began to touch the face of Jesus. I could feel the stubble of His beard in the palm of my hand as I cupped His left cheek. And I began to thank Jesus for coming to visit me. And I told Him how much I loved Him. I told Him Just how much I appreciated Him being my Savior.

And then …. I began to cry so hard.
And then Jesus said to me very tenderly “Awe … don’t do that”. He didn’t want me to cry. But I said to Him “It’s not just tears of sadness”. I said “Because I know it’s getting time for you to leave … but it’s also tears of joy and gratefulness at you coming to visit with me. I said “I can’t help but cry because I don’t want You to go … I don’t want you to leave me just yet … I want to be with You forever”.
Then He hugged me even tighter and loved on me … and then a marvelous thing happened.
His face disappeared from my peripheral vision … but I could still feel His Presence holding me! He stayed with me for a long, long time like that all the while holding my left hand. He stayed and lingered with me so that the heartbreak I was experiencing at His going was softened and I was greatly comforted by this small kind act of love.

As I finally opened my eyes again I looked at the time and only a few minutes had passed since I laid down to rest. What took only minutes in the natural … took a few hours in the spirit realm! So amazing!

His unfailing Love is more powerful than anything I know. All week long this song “Great is Thy faithfulness “ has resonated in my soul. I’ve been singing it every morning to the Lord.

I wanted to share this very personal testimony with you … to comfort you and let you know that Jesus loves YOU just like this … very tenderly and fervently!
Never give up! Especially when going through hard times and especially when you think your all alone!
Because YOU ARE! The apple of His eye!
He knows YOU! And He knows just where YOU are at! ❤️❤️❤️

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine:” Song of Solomon‬ ‭6:3‬a ‭KJV‬‬


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