Are We Going To Have A Nuclear Winter? – Bro. John in Mo.

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Are We Going To Have A Nuclear Winter?

May 9, 2024 12:26 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings in the name of Jesus to all the Saints of God. Yesterday evening (5/08/24) a few minutes before 5:00 pm central time, I happened to click on the article that Sister Elizabeth Marie wrote titled: “Winter Is Coming Like In The Days of Narnia” here at the 444prophecynews website. What really stood out and gave conformation to me was the following words that she wrote, and I quote:

“Like in the Chronicles Of Narnia, we are, not only, entering into a time of Spiritual Winter….but also a Physical Winter….if weapons of mass destruction are used.”

I sat in amazement at those words that she wrote. WHY? Just three and a half hours EARLIER on that very same day, (Wed.5/08/24) at around 1:30pm central time, I had just finished vacuuming the rug in my hallway here at home, and the Lord suddenly spoke two words to my spirit. Those two words were: “NUCLEAR WINTER” On several different occasions, Sister Elizabeth and I have had amazingly similar words given to us by the Lord.

Just as she mentioned in her article that a Brother in the Lord had a similar dream as she did the night before, giving her a conformation, this all lines up in conformation to what I believe the Lord spoke to me….”NUCLEAR WINTER.” Whether this word of wisdom means a rapid, nearly overnight turning of the seasons into winter…because of global nuclear war, or if this is when the big war starts, (meaning in the winter) that I do not know.

In my article here at the the 444prophecynews website titled: “Nuclear Nightmares: Conversations With Vladimir Putin” (type in “Bro. John” in the search bar, you will find it)
I listed several dreams in which I had conversations with Putin about nuclear war. In dream #3 in that article, I stated that I had a deep “impression” that the nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would be in the time frame somewhere between Halloween and early December. Bro. Rick Wiles (www.trunews.com) and his family have also had dreams of this happening sometime in early Winter.

What YEAR this might occur, that I don’t know. The situation between the U.S. and Russia is now going rapidly downhill ever closer towards all out nuclear war, and the MSM is not covering it at all, because they do not want to panic the people. My motto as a prepper is: “Panic Early And Avoid The Rush”

What is so deeply disturbing about this term “NUCLEAR WINTER” is that some of the sin deceived Globalists have actually stated that a nuclear war would actually be “GOOD” for the planet….because It would help fight Global Warming by bringing down the earths rising temperature. The total I.Q. of these slobbering idiots combined, is about a grade point lower than a bowl of bean dip.

I have coined a word describing these type of people, I call it “SATANIC INSANITY” It is my stated opinion that Satan has already been released, and “SATANIC INSANITY” will now rapidly increase and prevail in every aspect of our lives, before the second (and only) coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. People are absolutely insane nearly everywhere you go these days, and the level of insanity among our politicians in Washington D.C. is totally off the charts.

It is an obvious fact that it gets COLD during the WINTER. The word “Cold” is found 18 times in the King James Bible, and the word “Winter” is found 14 times. There are both spiritual and physical applications going on here, and I believe this is true not only in this word that I am now giving, but also in Elizabeth Marie’s article. In Mathew 24:12 Jesus said that: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax “COLD.” In Mathew 24:20 Jesus stated before his second coming: “But pray that your flight be not in the “WINTER” neither on the Sabbath Day”

Satan and his hellish minions are working overtime in order to bring about this great final world war, and he is using the madness and insanity of sin in the hearts of the leaders of this world to accomplish this task. Please make peace with God while you still can, spend quality time in prayer interceding for the lost, and get yourself physically prepared for the soon coming war. May God bless and protect you all. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro.John in Mo. 5/09/24

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