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Nuclear Nightmares: Conversations With Vladimir Putin – Bro John in Mo.

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Nuclear Nightmares: Conversations With Vladimir Putin

October 3, 2023 4:41 PM
Bro John in Mo.

Hi Bro. Jonathan. Hope all is going well down your way. Enclosed below is an article I just finished today (10/03/23) titled: Nuclear Nightmares: Conversations With Vladimir Putin. If you feel led to use it, you may use my name as: “Bro John in Mo.” Thank you and God Bless!

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ to all the Saints. The dreams that I am about to share with you I have never made public on any type of social media anywhere. (I am NOT on “X” Facebook, Youtube, or any other platforms) When I feel led to post something, it will be on 444prophecynews.com. I just received on Monday 10/02/23 at 3:20pm Central Time one of the clearest spot-on confirmations that I have ever had in my life, the Lord stating that NOW is time to release these warning dreams, and make them public to all who have ears to hear.

The first five dreams that I will relay, I recorded onto a voice recorder back on September 20th 2014. One I just remembered from around 2016, and the other dream just happened a few days ago. I just put the the batteries into the recorder and played back the first five dreams to myself for the first time in nine years. I am so glad that I recorded them, because some of things that I spoke of in the recording, I actually had forgot. Most of the dreams are about Vladimir Putin and I personally talking together about Nuclear War between Russia and the United States. The first dream took place back in Feb. of 2013.

DREAM #1: As the dream began, I was standing in Vladimir Putin’s office. Putin and I were both standing in front of his desk, (he was standing to my left) and in front of me, and to the right of Putin’s desk were two high ranking Russian Generals. They both had on green uniforms, and their chests were literally covered with military medals. Somehow in the dream I knew that the United States had held a top secret meeting with our military, and a specific date had been set to do a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia. The U.S. had shared this top secret info and the date of the nuclear strike on Russia with several of our allies.

Russia had somehow got a hold of this top secret info concerning the date that the U.S. was going to nuke them, so Russia had made the decision to go ahead and hit the U.S. with nuclear strikes BEFORE the day that the U.S. had previously planned to hit Russia. All of this being stated, I turned to my left and looked at Vladimir Putin and said: “Please…Please do not nuke us! Please do not nuke us! (meaning the U. S.) As I looked at Putin, he smiled, and a look of gentleness, and complete and total peace came over his face. (I have seen that look before…on the face of born-again Christians) Then in amazement, I said to Putin: “Do you know the Lord?” END OF DREAM.

***MY COMMENTARY*** (I am NOT saying that Putin is a born again Christian. Thinking back on this dream, what I sense in my spirit is that Putin does not want war, and that he has exhausted every means possible to avoid war with the United States, but absolutely nothing has worked. He does not want to destroy the U.S. with Nuclear Weapons, but he will be forced to do so because of the Satanically insane war mongers in the U.S., and NATO. He knows what he will be forced to do, and reluctantly he has personally now settled this issue with his nation, his military, and possibly has made peace with God knowing he may soon face eternity)

DREAM #2. This dream occurred in 2014. In the dream, I found myself hovering in mid air outside of a crystal glass skyscraper in some major city that I do not know. I could see Barack Obama sitting at a desk talking on the telephone. Several stories higher up, I saw Vladimir Putin sitting at a desk talking to someone also. (in the dream I knew that Putin and Obama were both talking to one another) I could not hear anything that Obama said to Putin, but I did hear just a few words that Putin said to Obama. I clearly heard Vladimir Putin say to Barack Obama: “What you are doing is VERY dangerous.”

Putin continued to talk, and the only other word that I heard him say was: “SPETSNAZ” Spetsnaz is a branch of the Russian special forces highly trained in warfare, intelligence, internal affairs, and emergency situations. It has been rumored that Russian Spetsnaz forces have been hidden here in the U.S. for many years. My personal belief is that this is no rumor, it is the absolute truth, and I believe that this is what Putin was warning Obama about in their phone conversation. END OF DREAM.

DREAM # 3. This dream occurred in 2014. It was a cold overcast day outside. Vladimir Putin was outside a house that is next to the school bus garage/parking lot where all the school buses are parked in the town here where I live. I was dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit. (in real life I would never do this) Vladimir Putin was standing outside of this house, getting ready to walk inside, and he looked at me with a grin on his face and stated: “It’s a little early for that isn’t it?” (meaning to be dressed up in a Santa Claus out fit) I replied back to Putin: “Well Sir…I thought that I would go ahead and get it over with early… in case Nuclear War breaks out before Christmas”

When I said this, Putin turned around very quickly, his smile was now gone and he looked at me with anger and shock on his face and loudly stated: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He said this in shock as if I was “reading his mail”…. meaning that I had somehow found out about his plans to nuke the U. S. sometime before Christmas. END OF DREAM. ***NOTE*** ( This part of the dream has haunted me for 9 years now. Let me just state this to all who read: The Lord has never given me a date or a specific year that this might occur, and most likely he will not. All that I am willing to say is this: I have a deep “impression” and I do believe it is from the Lord, that we are now coming into the season that Nuclear War will break out between Russia and the U. S. (The year that this happens, I know not) The season I believe that this will happen is some time between Halloween and early December. Let me state again, what year this may happen, I simply do not know. )

DREAM #4. This dream was on the night of September 19th 2014. Vladimir Putin and I were walking along talking in a park-like setting somewhere, and I commented to him that I had seen an interview of him talking to a U.S. reporter, and in the interview he did not speak English very well. I went on to further state to him: “But that interview must have all been propaganda or something, because you actually speak English very well.” He just smiled and said nothing. As we were walking, we came upon a park bench and stopped to sit and rest for a bit. Then I said to Putin: Sir…Our country (the U.S.) has a very bad problem, and that problem is sin. And the only answer is Jesus Christ. (This is when I woke up from the dream, and I was actually speaking these words: “The only answer is Jesus Christ” out loud audibly as I woke up.) END OF DREAM.

After I briefly woke up from that dream, (Dream #4) I went right back to sleep and had another dream of Vladimir Putin on the same night (9/19/14) DREAM #5 In this dream, here at my house where I live, it was like I was hosting a party or something. The house was full of Russian politicians, officials, etc. including Vladimir Putin. (in reality I do not know any Russians, nor have I ever met one) Everyone was dressed very nicely, eating snacks, chatting, and seemingly having a nice evening. After a couple of hours or so, people were getting ready to leave.

In one corner of the room I saw Barack Obama, and in the other corner I saw Vladimir Putin. (they sat separated away from one another all night) As Putin and the other Russians were getting ready to leave, I saw him (Putin) walk over to Obama and he bent down and briefly said something to him and then started to walk out my back door, onto the back porch to leave. I knew this would be the only chance that I would have to talk to Putin. As we were both on the porch I said to him: “Mr. Putin…Sir, I really need to talk to about something.” At that point he stopped, and just stood there with a friendly smile on his face looking at me.

I said to him: “Sir, I keep having dreams at night about your country (Russia) and my country (U.S.) going to war.” Putin then looked at me with great interest and stated: “Oh? Was it Nuclear War?” I replied: Yes Sir, it was” His friendly smile was almost gone at this point, and he looked at me very seriously (yet with still a very faint smile) and said: “I think that you should pay attention to what your dreams are trying to tell you.” After he said that, he and the other Russians with him got into an older model Dodge van from the 1970’s, (a beautiful looking old van, something like a church would have) Putin opened up the driver’s side door, got in, started it up, and pulled out of my driveway with He himself driving. As he drove off he, looked over at me and raised his hand up slightly to wave, as he and the others drove off in the van. END OF DREAM.

(This dream has freaked me out for over 9 years now. Think about it. I have a dream about Putin. In the dream I tell him that I keep having OTHER DREAMS about the U.S. and Russia having a nuclear war. Then in the same dream Putin tells me “I think you should pay attention to what your dreams are trying to tell you!”)

Dream # 6 This dream must have been back around 2016 or so. I was at some kind of large event. I saw many different politicians from all over the world. I looked over to my right and saw Vladimir Putin and a woman who I presumed to be his wife. No one else at the event would speak to Putin or his wife, or have anything to do with them. I felt sorry for him, so I walked over and sat down and began to talk with them both. I found them both very likeable, and outgoing. After a while I went back to where I was seated previously.

A few minutes later, Putin walks over to my table and pulls out a large red gun, and says: “What do think about this?” (it was a beautiful gun. It looked like a Colt model 1911 .45 cal. except it was much bigger) I said: “Mr. Putin, what are you doing bringing such a large caliber weapon here?” He replied: “You think that THIS is a large caliber weapon?”(meaning if you think this is big, you haven’t seen anything yet) END OF DREAM.

Dream # 7This dream I just had a few days ago (September 27th 2023) Here’s the dream. President Putin was in the U.S. shopping at a store here in the town where I live. When I heard this news, I rushed to this store because I desperately needed to talk to him about all of the prior dreams I have had about him, and about most of the dreams being about Nuclear War breaking out between the U. S. and Russia. I did not actually see Putin in this dream, only his body guards and security detail.

I told his security that I needed to talk to him (Putin) about a serious matter. They agreed, at took me to a room to wait, saying that they would bring Putin in to see me in a few minutes. It was my intention to talk to Putin and try to de-fuse this coming Nuclear War. I sat in the waiting room for a very long time, but Putin never showed up. END OF DREAM.

As I stated, the Lord spoke to me to yesterday, 10/2/23, by an amazing personal conformation to release these dreams to the public immediately. I have held on to most of these dreams for years. The Lord wanted me to make them public, and as a prophetic watchman, I have done what the Lord asked me to do. Get right with God. I truly feel that a Nuclear Nightmare may soon be on the way. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.

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