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666 – Alexander Black


Aug 8, 2019, 12:48 AM
Alexander Black

i am want tell about 666 is are already here because it told they is here i saw them mark of 666 in many different picture of mark with explain why not all same mark each is give different mark on forehead also hand is rare saw in vision but those try order me sign form for card with chip on pass my hand so my hand appear 666 when it pass my hand 666 disappear i told no, hope not coerce of it
also you know once seal done to all people and animals on in the timer up of clock of dead end to start being suffer as told in bible revelation.. i know what look like sting hair that behavior as snake but it hair it will reach to body it will sting as needle but swell up worse than bee sting..wow also other vision outside more hotter and etc reason seem done seal God people and 666 too doom will rise.
there more my brother’s kids become choice of be image to be female they are boy, now my life is harder reason i have no female in my life i try get one but seem they block me have a lady
but offer me to be into LGBT i refused allow be change into gay. those woman refused date with me seem order by LGBT i am cannot prove but behavior it is are seem.. also more is twist game around me right now since 2008 worse is after 2013 also i am got other dream & vision that mother of mystery control around me that how hard to get lady and be family man… i am 38 age before i get old.
i am not pretty as lady dream of but issue is our suffer. but i look ok.. but why once lady like me and i give them my phone number but they never call me my sister said they change behavior and scare
and refuse date with me so i am in the hole and stuck of their games… not sure if from cause LGBT caused it….or they follow beast and 666???? or dragon of order???? hope understand of deep of words of bible.. i hope write as i best from Alex Black…. but those want play time too what the hell!!!!! those same vision appear too .. play heart is abuser….


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