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5 Dreams – Vaughn Graham


5 Dreams

November 23, 2021 1:55 PM
Vaughn Graham

anyone who feels led to interpret the dreams that they would share what the Lord places on their heart?

Thank You!

Dream #1:

I was directed to find a particular gold statue for a man who was searching for it. He came to the location where I was storing the statue to look at it. The statue was of a man (completely gold) who was sitting with his hands on his lap facing forward, but his face was turned to one side. The statue had a turban on its head. While looking over the statue the man saw 3 items that accompanied the statue: a spear, a fireplace poker, a tall stick with a ball on the top of it that resembled a scepter. I told the man that I could duplicate the items if he wanted it done. The man was pleased with what I showed him. I knew that this man was evil, and it was a good thing that I found what the man was looking for or he may have been very upset. I felt that a curtain was needed to go around the statue, but I didn’t have a curtain to show the man.

I mentioned to the man that I needed to leave to have lunch with my daughter. I felt that if the man had not been pleased with the statue, I would not have been leaving at all.

Dream #2:

I dreamed that I could see a black spider in my right hand. I also noticed that my right hand illuminated with light under the skin, and I could see many small white spider eggs moving under my skin. This was only in my right hand. This was a very brief dream and then I awoke.

Dream #3:

I was mowing the yard and there was brush (tall grass) blowing around. I had been warned that there were snakes around the area. While mowing the yard, I moved a rock so I could continue mowing when I saw several small snakes, and a couple of large snakes. They were headed right for me. The large snakes moved towards me slowly. The small snakes moved toward me very fast, and they lunged at me to bite me. They couldn’t latch onto me because they didn’t have any teeth. I then awoke from the dream.

Dream #4:

In this dream I was outside in a field and there were many people running around screaming in terror. As I looked around there were huge giants coming across the field. As I stood next to one, I looked up at him but I didn’t even come halfway up his calf. They appeared to be 60 or 70 feet tall. Nonetheless, I knew we did not need to fear them. I told the people to not run from them, but to fight them as we could kill them! Some of the people listened to me and stopped and turned around and started fighting them. That is when I awoke from the dream

Dream #5:

I was driving alone when suddenly a supernatural wind appeared out of nowhere. It was so strong it picked up large trucks as though they were tonka toys and blew them all over the place. I knew that what I was seeing was the Judgement of God, and I also knew that this was only the beginning. Buildings and structures were falling all around me. I abandoned my vehicle and started walking. I noticed after leaving my vehicle that I was carrying a large box. I dodged the destruction that was happening all around me. Finally, I was in front of a huge, tall metal frame structure (like a crane), and it started to collapse, and I knew in my heart that there’s nowhere I can run to escape. I stood there and watched the structure fall over and around me. Thinking this falling structure would be the end of my life, it missed me completely and I was not harmed in any way. I kept walking and finally ended up at a house where I saw my wife standing on the porch. She was dressed in business attire. None of the winds had reached this place yet. I ran up onto the porch crying, as I told my wife that God’s Judgments have begun. She calmly responded, “I know”. I then awoke from the dream.



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