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5 Dreams on Nuclear Threats – Tim Price


5 Dreams on Nuclear Threats

October 7, 2020 4:45 AM
Tim Price

Video link to the 5 dreams:

Hi everyone – Over the years I received numerous dreams revealing nuclear explosions. Particularly for Australia, but at least one or two for the US as well (and for the world in general). The first dream below I only received after around 10 weeks of solid prayer asking the same thing: “Lord, what is coming to Australia if there isn’t repentance?” The others also came after specific times of seeking the Lord for Australia’s future (and America’s). Overall, although the dreams mainly reveal threats for Australia, I think these will hold great import for the world at large as well. If there is nuclear disaster in one part of the world, it’s obviously likely there will also be great trouble elsewhere.

In the video below, I explain 5 of those dreams:

1. Dream 1: Nuclear Explosion off of the Australian Coastline (August 2013)

2. Dream 2: Prep for Radioactive Gas (dream I had not long after the one above) (2013)

3. Dream 3: Rising Ocean & Nuclear Explosion – “We need to pray to the Lord God Almighty”

4. Dream 4: Esther on the ‘Nuclear Case’ (March 2016)

5. Dream 5: The Gathering Storm & Urgent Nuclear Issues for America (and the world)

In the video I also explain 1) ‘why’ the Lord revealed those dreams to me, 2) what ‘we’ as believers can do to try and avert these judgments, and 3) the intercession and ‘fasting’ God is calling for in these urgent days (Is. 58).

Time is short, but God shows in these dreams that there’s still hope if we respond urgently and sincerely enough. God is calling for great prayer and spiritual fasting from His people. Our world and even many in the church are in a woeful state. Many are spiritually asleep. Australia is also in a bad way. But God loves His people and this world, and desires sincerity in our walks, reformation in the Church, and repentance in the world. What we do now could change the course of history!


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