4 Blood Moon Dreams – Anonymous


4 Blood Moon Dreams

September 26, 2020 6:09 PM

These 4 dreams were received on July 30 by my 12 yr old son.

Dream 1. He said he was on a (science related) field trip with his class in an open field. He saw many meteorites falling from the sky. There was a blood moon out.

Dream 2 We were coming home from school and he was going to tell me about what he saw. We got home and he was riding his scooter and he saw spaceships in the sky. A gold one, a red and black one and one with ugly colors. He saw people going up in the sky. There was a blood moon.

Dream 3 We were watching the news and the news anchor was reporting out of NY. He was talking about the CA earthquake happening. I told him this is it, Jesus is coming. He said he knew that volcanoes were going off in Hawaii at the same time and demons were coming out of them. There was a blood moon.

Dream 4 He said he was standing on a hill viewing some aliens at Stonehenge that were summoning other aliens out of a pillar. He said monsters were coming out. There was a blood moon out.


Below is link to lunar eclipse [blood moon dates for 2020] next one is in November


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