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3 Days of Darkness – Jezreel

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3 Days of Darkness

April 1, 2021 8:23 AM

March 18, 2021 @ 7:05am:

I had a dream about the darkness coming and it is freaky. I saw 2 separate events this night. Thank Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit I was with my mom. THANK YOU GOD. She is truly a light in the name of Jesus as the Lord is showing me in many recent dreams. It was so freaky.

First, I was on a bus, like my mom and I were taking public transit in a big city. I think we were getting home from somewhere. My mom was standing in the middle of the bus in the aisle and I had a window seat on the left side closer to the back. I looked outside and saw the strangest thing. On the left side of the bus, I saw about half the sky was this weirrddddd darkness, and it was creeping in catching up to us slowly more and more. I actually didn’t expect to see this when I looked outside as I just thought I was on a relaxing bus ride. But everything in this darkness blended together like I couldn’t see where it started or ended. It was all black, but there were these pretty stars in it and these purplish and bluish colours blended like a picture of a galaxy. I don’t think I saw any planets. But this was freaky.

So I looked outside because half the sky through the front window of the bus was still darkening and it seemed like a cloudy day. The first issue I thought of was, we don’t know if this was going to last 3 hours or 3 days (because my mom and I both heard about and have been studying the 3 days of darkness prophetic event). So I checked the time in my dream. I think I had a wristwatch but I might’ve checked it on my phone. The digital numbers read 6:30. That’s how I knew when it started but I didn’t check again after and I don’t know if it was am or pm or where exactly I was. I don’t think we should have our phones with us during the plague of darkness. In my dream, they caused issues.

So while this darkness was falling, I suddenly felt the urgency we needed to get home immediately and I saw my mom hadn’t noticed the darkness yet so I wanted to warn her it was here. Suddenly, I realise I’m boxed into my window seat because this larger lady with purple hair and tattoos is beside me and she just looked scheming, and conniving. I knew I needed to leave, but she was completely blocking me from getting out of my seat. This woman was EXTREMELY talkative, aggressive and demonic. I don’t remember what we were talking about but it was like she knew I knew about this darkness and she was trying to expose me by getting me to talk so she could start a riot against me on the bus. (I don’t know why I didn’t outright rebuke her.) But I knew she was going to attack me and probably eat me. Nobody else on this bus seemed aware of what was happening and she was so large, her body completely hid me from everyone else so nobody would see what she was doing. There were a lot of people around us ontop of this demon sitting beside me and I knew I wasn’t safe around anyone but my mom, but she was too far from me to get her attention discreetly. So I was really spooked.

She was telling me to basically succumb to her. I don’t know what it was that she said that really scared me and put me in fight-or-flight mode so in defense, I backed up against the window, pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of her rapid-fire. I took at least 10 pictures in a row in a second or less. And I just didn’t stop taking her picture. This made her mad but in my dream I knew if I found a distraction maybe she would have something else to talk about instead of trying to expose me, and it worked! Thank you Holy Spirit. So now she was telling me to stop, and I noticed on my phone her pictures looked like someone smudged her form out like her photo was blurred or distorted in photoshop. All the colours blended together but they didn’t look like the image in front of me that I was trying to capture like a camera would normally take. She didn’t appreciate that so instead of trying to lure me to admit other stuff, I spent the rest of the bus ride showing her I’ll delete the photos, because I knew I had to get off this bus from this lady as soon as we stopped next. And she was so cunning, not trusting that I’d delete the photos so she was going to delete them herself. I told her, “No, I’ll show you, but I’m going to delete the photos.” And I tried to browse my photo gallery in the dream but my phone was acting so weird. I was so nervous my fingers were so clumsy, and my phone was acting possessed. I would scroll down a bit but it would scroll down like 100 photos like it was extremely sensitive; I put my password wrong over and over and my phone just kept locking itself; the screen kept switching; I would try to select the photos in my gallery to delete them, but they would unselect and I was trying to restrain her too so she wouldn’t touch the phone, but I don’t think we physically touched at any point. As close as she was to me she couldn’t touch me. As we drove, I think it was partially safe to look outside and there were these reddish brownish or purplish, metallic, clean, shiny cars and motorcycles like fancy high-tech cars that just kept driving past us on the left side of the bus in small packs as this darkness was creeping in. And these motorcycles had red metallic riders to match. They didn’t look at me or make eye contact with the bus but rushed up ahead like they had their own mission and didn’t waver to the right or to the left as they passed by. But it was freaky seeing a sudden invasion of them. My mom was in her own little world like she was in complete peace. I was trying to tell her the darkness was here but I didn’t know which time frame it was. And I could tell the other riders were suspicious of me so I had to be careful. That was the first event I witnessed.

The second event, my mom and I were in an apartment together and I think we were with my little brother or another small child. This apartment had curtains for each window in the house and the house was relatively large. Again, I knew the darkness was here and we had to cover our windows to prevent anyone from looking outside at the demons. My mom literally didn’t care that the darkness was coming (she was in complete peace from the Lord) but when I saw it getting darker, I ran around the entire house and closed everything up as best I could.

This is not a joke. I would not take any chances with this. Black bag every window, every key hole to the outside world.

Because I took a look outside in this dream to see during the day what was going on while I was closing the windows, and I saw a demon. It freaked me out like I saw a white ghostly figure but it jumped out at me and made a shrieking sound and I think I rebuked it right away. Thank you Jesus that I knew how to do that immediately. He’s been training us so intensely these past few months. I was immediately able to rebuke it and I looked away and kept closing the curtains over that window though there was a draft in the house. I’m not sure if it was a spiritual attack like there were demons trying to blow the curtains up even a little so you would peek outside but the curtains were a struggle to close completely and I fought with them. Now the more we closed the windows and the darkness crept it, the entire house went dark. Thankfully the child with us was being super obedient, but I was struggling enough myself because the demons play mind tricks with you and try to tempt you to want to look outside. You’re EXCEPTIONALLY curious. So I would take NO chances. Not if you live with unbelievers or are not firm in the faith to ask for Jesus’s strength and will not to succumb to the attacks. These people will be too weak. I’m weak and I believe in Jesus. Get garbage bags up on the windows. Take no chances. And if the Lord reveals to you people that are Children of the Light (God is the Father of Lights) at this time like my mother is for me, then stay together with like-minded brothers and sisters if possible. Praise God. My mom is such a bright light and she was not affected in the least. The child around her also seemed at peace just standing in her arms but they had their arms around each other forming something like a spiritual forcefield I assume. To combat the spiritual attacks I was facing, I started worshiping and praising God coincidentally singing “See a Victory” as I shut the curtains. This protected me and overrode my thoughts, filling my mind with God’s glory and my mom joined in as well.

But I was feeling attacked and lured, and curtains are absolutely a weak spot because with a little wind that was in the house for some reason (I don’t think any windows were open but the spirits in the house were causing a draft and the curtains were blowing apart at times, exposing us to the outside. I would find a way to cover every inch of the windows. And then mark off the hours and days that go by so you know where you’re at. Day and night help us orient ourselves but without the proper light ontop of the other events that I didn’t even see in my dream, it will be very disorienting. I would recommend staying away from phones if at all possible. It seemed like a portal for spiritual attacks. I didn’t trust it. I wouldn’t. Praise God. I didn’t see any planets. But this is not a drill. Take this to the Lord for confirmation and further instructions. Take it seriously.

Gather batteries, flashlights, blankets, food, water and figure out bathroom solutions before it hits in case there’s no hydro or water and prep specifically for it!!!! Ask the Lord for confirmation and what you need to do to prepare, and follow through with swift obedience. Hear the Lord. No time to waste!! It is imminent. Danger Danger. High alert. High alert. High alert. Stay vigilant. Don’t let anybody leave the house. Tell everyone about this. Stay in the Word. Know how to rebuke the attacks. Don’t let fear take your soul or YOU WILL PERISH. Come to Jesus NOW. Cover everything including the food you eat with the blood of the Lamb that was slain for this victory. It’s in the name of Christ Jesus that we are safe. NOT BY OUR OWN STRENGTH. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. TRUST ME IT’S BRUTAL. I didn’t even see them fully invade and start attacking anybody in the dream yet but that lady on the bus was trapping me from leaving and she was gonna get her way if I didn’t teleport in this house. The sky was so beautiful but don’t waste time looking at it. I was trying to take a picture. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. THERE WON’T BE A PICTURE TOMORROW AND YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HOUSES IN ORDER. OUR SPIRITUAL HOUSES ARE MOST IMPORTANT. I WOKE UP AND THE DREAM ENDED AND I’M STILL SPOOKED EVEN THOUGH IT’S GONE. LEARN HOW TO PRAISE GOD AND THANK JESUS AND BEG HIM TO SAVE YOU BEFORE THE PLAGUE HITS. LEARN HOW TO REBUKE AND HAVE DISCERNMENT TO KNOW RIGHT FROM LEFT. YOU NEED TO BEG NOW OR YOU WILL DIE. DON’T WAIT FOR LATER AND STOP MESSING AROUND. THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH. Warning. Warning. Warning. No time to waste. Get on your knees. Last chance. It’s coming down. Be ready. Don’t let the master find you with no oil. You need that oil or you might not make it much longer. This is a warning from the Lord. Take it with utmost fear of what is about to happen. Ask Him to show you what I’m talking about and He will reveal to you, but DO NOT brush this off for you have been warned and you will be the one dead if you are not prepared and are the victim of this and it will traumatize you for life. Just humble yourself for the Father’s sake. He has a better life for you. Don’t hold onto this worldly stuff. It’s going to disappear tomorrow in the blink of an eye. Get rid of your phones when this strikes because you take one look at these demons without rebuking and you’re dead meat. You will literally be hallucinating demonic things. People eating each other. Them eating you. The worst horror movie times 1000. It is not a joke. This is not an, “OH, I’LL SEE WHEN I GET THERE.” If you spend time with the Lord He can show you the impossible that you ask for but not asking is your first and possibly last mistake. God have mercy on us. Break down and lament and mourn for the day is here. You will not escape anywhere. Brace yourself. The only safe place is taking refuge in the Lord. In the name and by the blood of Jesus you are saved. Never forget that. If you want to prove how strong you are, fight your own desires and lusts to go places, buy things, look good. It’s all vanity and you’re wasting precious minutes of grace. I wouldn’t warn you in this manner if this wasn’t as severe as I’m saying but trust the Lord when He’s calling.

None of this was me speaking. This was all poured over me by the Holy Spirit after waking up and truly, the darkness didn’t end when I woke up. It engrosses you and it’s very very serious. I beg the Lord for your sake, take this to Him for confirmation. Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! Amen Amen. Thank you Jesus, thank you Father God, thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.





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