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2nd Warning of A European Town of Coming Earthquake – Sharlene Reimer


2nd Warning of A European Town of Coming Earthquake

Vision #273 Mar 16&17/21 evg

March 18, 2021 1:57 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. I sang mostly childhood Sunday school songs and declared scripture. When I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up my mountain and found that it seems to be increasingly getting more difficult to get up. Many fellow warriors are falling off the mountain and we are all helping each other get back up. ( it reminded of a description written in the book The Final Quest where the author describes warriors in their armour falling off a mountain but getting back up) I got to the top with my eagle waiting for me and off we went while I was proclaiming Ps 91. I came to the top of a fairly tall mountain. There were other mountains in the area, like it was part of a mountain range. In the far distance, nestled in the foothills or part of a valley was a town. It was surrounded by forest covered hills and mountains. Suddenly the mountain I was standing on began to violently shake. The mountain next to it began to shake as well and rocks started falling then part of the mountain began to collapse. The entire area was shaking.

I returned to the white bench. I thought I recognized the town so I asked Jesus if I have seen this area before in a previous vision and He replied: “Yes, daughter.” The town reminded me of vision #151, but in that vision, I saw it from a different perspective- I was on a different side of the town and I was also closer to it. I then asked Jesus where the town was and He said: “It’s a European town.” He would not tell me which one.

I went to view a vision. I went down the stairs and greeted a few of the greeters but not all were there. We walked over to the vision area where the others have always already gathered and looked at the screen. It opened up to a close-up of a white house with other houses close to it. I understood it was the town that I had just seen. Suddenly the house began to shake violently and rise up as the ground below it was heaving and splitting. The house was breaking apart. I asked Jesus if there was anyone I should minister to?

And He replied: “No, not at this time.” And He continued: “There is an earthquake coming to the area that will cause much damage and destruction. It will come on suddenly and without warning. I am shaking the world. Wake up, you who are sleeping! Repent and return to Me!”

I understood it will happen very soon.

Pray that because of God’s great mercy and compassion, He would release a hunger over Europe to know Him; a desire to earnestly seek Him and be found by Him. (Jeremiah 29:12-13) Pray that they will have an encounter with the Lord Jesus in dreams and visions and that He would pour out His Spirit on them. (Joel 2:28-29) Pray that the least amount of casualties will occur with this earthquake. God wastes nothing.

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